Some people think it can’t be done but I’m here to tell you that someone who has done this for over 10 years it certainly can be done. So when we look at building muscle with intermittent fasting it’s very powerful because you’re able to build lean muscle and really cut that fat off your body as well and this is something that many different celebrities many different famous actors use in order to maintain a lot of muscle mass in stay lean year round.

Why this works

First of all, is because fasting is muscle sparing. So when you’re in the fastest state your body is not going to break down those muscles for energy it’s gonna break down fat for energy. So it’s very powerful so you what that essentially means is that you’re mobilizing those fatty acids and when you’re mobilizing those fatty acids you’re burning all that fat off your body that you don’t otherwise want and so that is one of the reasons it’s so powerful and allows people to actually go and get the results they want. Not too many people want to build muscle and fat at the same time most people just want to actually build muscle. So using intermittent fasting along with some weight training is very powerful for doing this.

Boost growth hormone

It’s gonna boost growth hormone, there are different studies out there that show women who fasted in trained at the same time. Essentially we’re able to boost their growth hormones upwards of thirteen hundred percent and in men upwards of two thousand percent. So when you combine that training that weight training and you combine faster. You’re gonna boost that growth hormone. It’s gonna help with tissue repair, it’s gonna help with recovery, it’s gonna help with better results, it’s gonna help with just anti-aging everything. So that’s powerful in so many different ways there.

Gain lean mass and lose fat

This is something that most people are trying to do is gain muscle or maintain muscle and lose fat.

A 8 week study showed that they took these participants and they were training three days per week now there were 34 men they broke him into two groups now these men had already been training before so they knew what they were doing but their 34 men they broke him into two groups there was an intermittent fasting group and then the regular diet group. The regular diet group was just eating when they wanted to the intermittent fasting group. They were specific to 16 and 8 intermittent fasting so during this study during that eight-week period the groups consumed the same calories same protein they had the same types of diet. Now what they found is that the intermittent fasting group lost three and a half pounds of fat whereas the regular diet group they essentially didn’t lose anything at all they didn’t lose any fat and so that shows you how powerful that intermittent fasting combined with some weight training is because you’re able to lose the fat. So there’s a group of 34 men you know they were essentially all doing the same type of weight training they’re essentially going in eating the same type of meals but but yet the group that was intermittent fasting combining all their meals within an eight-hour period they were able to lose the fat whereas the other group wasn’t.

Must be in a fasted state

We are not talking about doing intermittent fasting and also weight training. We are talking about doing weight training in the fasted State. Now you want to work out towards the end of your fast, so if you’re doing the 16 and 8 intermittent fasting you’re gonna be wanting to work out in that 15 to 16 hour. Now if you’re someone who is going and doing OMAD then you’re gonna be wanting to push it back even further. It’s ideal that you work out towards the end of your fasted state.

Use a Pre-Workout

Some people ask well doctors are also you should I use a pre-workout and the answer is when you’re doing weight training in many cases it’s very beneficial. I personally use a pre-workout I’ll use black coffee or I’ll actually use a pre-workout that is going to give me energy during the work.

Black coffee works well too because it gives you that caffeinated boost and during that workout you’re able to just you know from that boost from the caffeine have some more muscle uptake and actually have some energy to get through it. That’s one of the troubles that you can come into when you’re doing training and fasting is that you can walk into the workout a little bit fatigued.

Eat after workout

After the workout we want to activate mTOR, now mTOR is this protein kinase that when activated essentially means that you’re able to build muscle. In order for mTOR to be activated, we need to give ourselves a little bit of an insulin boost. Now when we are using the essential amino acids post-workout we’re gonna get a little bit of an insulin spike from that but also we are also gonna recommend that you’re going to eat post-workout.

After you get done working out you go and you have your first meal and that’s why we recommend pushing the workout towards the end of the fast and so you have your first meal and you give yourself a little bit of an insulin spike from that first meal from the essential amino acids you activate that mTOR it’s going to promote muscle growth and it’s all gonna work in combination in order to help you get the results that you want for building muscle well doing intermittent fasting.

Take multivitamins and fish oil

Multivitamins are going to make sure the body has what the body needs in the way of nutrients but the fish oil is also research proven to help build and stimulate muscle growth as well.