Dubai, UAEMeat Moot, a beloved name in gourmet meat restaurant and culinary delights, proudly announced the successful opening of its new branch in the vibrant neighborhood of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). The grand opening, which took place on April 24th, was a festive gathering that attracted food lovers from across the city, including the appearance of notable figures such as co-founders Mohab Ayoub and Seka Abdullah.

The event kicked off at evening time with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the co-founders, who expressed their excitement to bring great meat services to the JBR community. “Today is the opening of another Meat Moot location, it is the celebration of our passion for quality and good meat in the culinary sector,” said Mohab Ayoub. Seka Abdullah added, “We are here to make Meat Moot a favorite spot for food enthusiasts and a place where every visit enriches your love for fine cuisine.”

“We are thrilled to bring Meat Moot’s exceptional range of meat services and our passion for meat to JBR as well,” said Mohab Ayoub. Seka Abdullah added, “Our mission has always been to provide not just delicious and good meat but a full culinary experience to our customers. This new branch embraces that spirit perfectly.”

The celebration included live cooking demonstrations by top chefs who are part of the Meat Moot family. These culinary experts showcased a variety of dishes that can be made from the premium cuts available at the store. The attendees had the opportunity to taste exclusive recipes, making the experience both educational and delightful.

A highlight of the event was the introduction of a new line of exotic meats, which are now available at the JBR branch. These include sustainably sourced options that appeal to the adventurous palates of Meat Moot’s customers. “We want to ensure that our customers enjoy the taste but also feel confident about the ethical sourcing and environmental impact of what they are consuming,” remarked one of the chefs during a cooking demo.

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The event was marked by an array of activities designed to engage and delight attendees. Live cooking demonstrations led by Meat Moot’s skilled chefs were a focal point, showcasing the variety and quality of meats available. These demonstrations allowed guests to witness the culinary expertise that makes Meat Moot as it is, as chefs prepared dishes ranging from classic cuts to modern culinary creations, providing tips and insights on how to best enjoy each type of meat.

In addition to cooking demonstrations, guests were treated to samples of the delectable dishes prepared on-site, giving them a taste of the gourmet experiences they can expect at Meat Moot. The new store boasts a selection of fine meats including premium beef, lamb, poultry, and more exotic meats, curated to satisfy the tastes of all meat lovers, from the everyday consumer to the gourmet enthusiast.

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The JBR branch is designed to be a culinary destination. The modern, stylish interiors invite customers to explore the different sections, each dedicated to different types of meat and meat products. The layout is customer-friendly and offers a dining experience that is both comfortable and informative, with knowledgeable staff on hand to assist and advise on product selection and preparation.

“Our aim for this restaurant was to create a space where our customers feel welcome and inspired to explore new flavors and cooking methods,” explained the store manager during the tour of the facility. “We want everyone who visits to leave not just with greatly tasted meat but with new ideas for their meals.”

The celebration also featured a mini-festival atmosphere with live music and special offers throughout the day. 

About Meat Moot

Meat Moot was founded by Mohab Ayoub and Seka Abdullah, who shared a vision of creating a restaurant chain that goes beyond selling meat, offering a comprehensive culinary experience.