A lot of people when they think of exercise, they think it is all or nothing it has to be extremely intense or it’s completely worthless. Some people think that if it’s not extremely intense than it has no benefit to you. So in this post, we’re talking about the massive benefits that just a walk every day can benefit your body.


There was a multiple study report done, where they looked at a lot of very good quality legitimate studies and they found that a 21 minute a day walk was going to benefit your health greatly in the way of cardiovascular health. It is gonna decrease cardiovascular events by 31% so if you think of all these people having a heart attack and in heart conditions. It is also going to decrease early death by 32%. This is very powerful when we look at all the people who are suffering from cardiovascular issues.

Now, there’s a study that found that going for a 30-minute walk a day is gonna lower your blood pressure by 11 points. If we think of all the people out there who are suffering from high blood pressure, this makes walking very very beneficial because you know you want to try to do everything naturally that you can in order to lower your blood pressure before turning to alternative ways of doing so.

Joint pain

A lot of people are suffering from joint pain like their necks hurt, their shoulders hurt, their low backs hurt and a lot of people are living sedentary lifestyles. They jump in the car they drive to work they get to work they sit down all day and then they go home and they sit down some more. Here’s the thing as joints are meant to move and when you move joints it lubricates the joints and so going for a walk is going to help keep these joints lubricated is going to reduce joint pain. Those who are suffering from arthritis which is you know quite a large number today it’s gonna help decrease that arthritic pain.

Boost immune system

There was a study done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine. They took a thousand adults and what they found is that a 30-minute walk a day was reducing sick days by 43%. So all these people who are getting the flu getting respiratory viruses. It was decreasing them their chances of getting those different sicknesses by at 43% and they’re also lessened that the symptoms for those who actually got sick and they even found in the study that those who got sick recovered much faster, when they were going on that walk every day. Of course, it is very important and good for your immune system to get that fresh air.

Improve brain function

It’s gonna increase oxygen flow to the brain. It’s gonna boost your energy. A lot of people are living these sedentary lifestyles and so they just find that they have no energy but instead of getting up and moving, they just get up and grab a sugary drink or a lot of caffeine. So getting up moving to go for a walk will help energize the brain energize the body and it also is gonna help decrease anxiety and decrease depression which so many people are suffering from. So instead of sitting on the couch looking at social media getting depressed to get up and go for a walk with your family your pet and you’re gonna feel so much better for it.

Weight loss

It’s gonna support weight loss that’s estimated that 170 calories are burned per 30 minutes of walking. So that’s incredible there, most people are trying to lose some weight burn some fat off. It’s gonna help boost your metabolism and help tone you up. Now going for a walk by no means is going to be a way to you know get shredded or build muscle or that sort of thing but what it will do is offer you a lot of health benefits and also it’s a great place to start if you’re someone who’s not exercising at all. If you’re someone who’s just not into the gym scene, it’s a great thing to do instead of doing nothing at all.

What to do

It’s estimated that most of these different research here is based on thirty minutes of walking five days a week. Now, of course, you’re going to get faster results with running. So 20 minutes of running three days a week is also going to be suitable. If you want to burn more calories as estimated that stairs burn two to three times more calories and also if you’re looking for the best way to lose weight.

When it comes to this whole walking thing we can’t underestimate the small things we can’t underestimate what a thirty-minute walk a day will do for you it’s not about just going to the gym and being hardcore all the time. It’s really about you know using this walking as a way to you know to free up your mind give you in a positive mental state, boost your brain function and your immune system and also it’s going to benefit your overall health in general.