Different Types of Cheese

Cheese is one of the commonly consumed dairy foods throughout the world. It is also included in most cuisines across the globe. Everyone has different taste and preference. There are different types of cheese to choose from. Here, you will identify different types of cheese across the globe. Additionally, cheese has different nutrient profiles and description. Here are the different types of cheese to choose from.

15 Different Types of Cheese Everyone Should Know


Types of Cheese
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Let us start off by looking at Brie choose. As the name suggests, this creamy and soft cheese originates from Brie in France. Its chewy rind and the sweet soft center, attracts numerous people to consume this cheese. In addition to these, brie is ranked one of the creamiest and mild flavors that other related cheese. These are some of the descriptions people use to discern this cheese from others. Moving on, producers of this cheese add cream before the fermentation process. This is the reason brie contains high fat level. Afterwards, lactic acid is added to this cheese to give it a sweet flavor. Lastly, brie helps people who desire strong bones and teeth.


Types of Cheese
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Camembert is one of the most famous and commonly used cheese. Both Brie and Camembert originate from North France to be precise. Just like Brie, camembert is named after one of the famous towns in Northern France. Camembert and brie look similar. In fact, some people cannot differentiate between the two cheeses. Camembert is less creamy when compared to Brie. In addition to these, you have a wide range of options to choose from. These cheeses are mostly fermented in different sizes. This is what hastens the fermentation process. That’s not all; camembert cheese has a deep taste when compared to Brie. Consider this cheese if you want strong bones.


Types of Cheese
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Cheddar cheese originates from England. These are one of the few cheese on this list that give you a wide range of variety. The different types of cheese vary in terms of strength. It all depends on the aging period of the selected Cheddar. Mild cheddar cheese has been aged for three months. Medium cheese should be fermented for at least six months. Mature cheese should age between nine months. Extra mature cheddar cheese should be fermented for fifteen months and vintage cheddar cheese eighteen months or more. Mid cheddar cheese has a smooth and soft texture, whereas vintage cheddar has a crumby and hard texture. Both children and adults can benefit from this cheese. It helps them absorb different nutrients, needed for proper body function.


Types of Cheese
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This famous British cheese has been around for a long period. Wensleydale cheese traces its roots in North Yorkshire, England. This cheese is characterized by a white to pale yellow color. Wensleydale cheese also falls under the category of crumbly cheese. Due to its somewhat tart nature, Wensleydale cheese can be combined with some fruits such as apricots and cranberries. In most instances, this cheese is available in two options, namely the blue and white version. Numerous people prefer the white Wensleydale cheese because of its taste. What are you waiting for? Try out this amazing British cheese.


Types of Cheese
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This blue cheese that originates from France is ranked among the best cheese worth trying out. That’s one of the reasons it is referred to as the king of cheese. Roquefort cheese is made from Sheep’s milk and fermented in some caves Southern France. It is believed that these caves in France have some special type of bacteria in the soil. This is one of the reasons Roquefort cheese has unique characteristics. It is believed that bacteria by the name Penicillium Roquefort helps people manage or even prevent cardiovascular diseases. That’s not all; Roquefort cheese take roughly five matures of fermentation to before commencing use. Afterwards, it has a sharp and tangy flavor.


Types of Cheese
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Ricotta is one of the few Italian cheese on this list. The creamy, sweet and mild texture of this cheese makes it worth trying out. The numerous nutritional benefits attributed to Ricotta cheese, makes it one of most popular cheese across the globe. Anyone, including people on a specific diet can comfortably consume ricotta cheese. This type of cheese has low calories levels, when compared to an ordinary cheese. That’s not all; studies showcase that Ricotta cheese is rich in protein. Being attributed by low fat levels, Ricotta cheese suits body builders and athletes. Ricotta cheese has gone through a special fermentation process, thus giving it a unique taste.

Pecorino Romano

Types of Cheese
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Numerous people across the globe have tested this cheese. Pecorino Romano is ranked among the oldest cheeses in the globe. It is believed that Pecorino Romano started being produced since the Roman Empire time. Pecorino Romano is included in numerous staple diets across the globe. This famous Italian cheese is made from Sheep’s milk. Numerous people attribute Pecorino Romano to a hard salty taste. People who prefer cheese with strong flavors should consider Pecorino Romano cheese. In addition to these, this Italian cheese is a rich source of protein. As a result, it can help in maintaining different body organs. Lastly, this cheese reduces the possibility of contracting any form of cancer.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Types of Cheese
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This is an Italian, crumbly, dry and hard cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano is also attributed by a strong, robust and amazing flavor. People commonly refer to this cheese as Parmesan. Additionally, the manufacturers have come up with measures to ensure that this unique cheese is only produced in Northern Italy. Additionally, Parmigiano Regiano is in unpasteurized form. This means it is rich in various nutrients ranging from protein, carbohydrates and minerals. These nutrients enhance the normal functioning of your body organs, enhances the functions of your heart and growth of healthy bones. The aging time of this Italian cheese takes between one to three years. Above all; its flavor makes it edible on its own.


Types of Cheese
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Mozzarella cannot be omitted from this list when it comes to naming different types of cheese. This is one of the finest cheeses across the globe from Italy. This is a unique cheese as it was traditionally made from Buffalo’s milk. However, this trend is slowly fading away. Currently, people are using sheep’s goat or cow’s milk when producing Mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella comes in two main forms. It can be either in dried or fresh form. Fresh Mozzarella is delicious, especially if herbs and olive oil is added. This is the reason it is commonly used in salads. People who regularly consume Mozzarella cheese are protected from Osteoporosis.


Types of Cheese
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Do you want strong teeth and bones? If yes, consider Mascarpone cheese. This type of cheese originates from Italy and can be made from cream or cow’s milk Mascarpone falls under the category of soft cream cheese. Mascarpone is fresh cheese. This means that it doesn’t undergo any form of fermentation of pasteurization. Therefore, Mascarpone cheese is rich in minerals and other nutrients that support proper growth of bones. Additionally, it helps maintain strong teeth. The soft nature of this Italian cheese makes people use it in numerous ways. Example, it can be used be spread on bread or added on meals, among others. Lastly, this is cheese is white in color.


Types of Cheese
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Look no further if you want to consume healthy fat. Simply try out havarti cheese. This type of cheese originates from Denmark. Havarti falls under the category of soft table cheese. This Danish cheese ages within three months. In addition to these, Havarti cheese has a tangy taste, and mild buttery texture. Some old Havarti cheeses have a robust and salty flavor. The fat in this cheese benefits the body in numerous ways. In addition to these, you will gain energy to carry out your various activities.


Types of Cheese
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Gruyere originates from Fribourg in Switzerland. This Swiss cheese has a wide variety of flavors to choose from. You simply need to identify a flavor that suits your needs. In addition to these, Gruyere cheese is characterized by a compact and dense texture. The aging process of this Swiss cheese ranges between 6 months to one year. The long aging period is what brings out the dense texture. The flavor also matures as the aging process continues. Consumption of Gruyere cheese on reasonable measures helps the body absorb fat that support different organs in the body. That’s not all; Gruyere cheese can be used on different kinds of food.


Types of Cheese
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Gouda cheese originates from Netherlands. It has for a long period been linked in helping preventing cancer. This cheese can be eaten raw because of its texture, taste and flavor. There is no specific aging time for this cheese. It all depends on the end product you wish to attain. The aging process ranges anywhere from one month to thirty six weeks. Each aging process brings out a different type of Gouda cheese. Younger cheese is smooth compare to older Gouda cheese. A young cheese takes roughly four weeks to be ready. Old cheese takes between ten to twelve months. Lastly, very old cheese should be aged past twelve months.


Types of Cheese
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Feta cheese has for been used for numerous years. This cheese originates from Greek. It is made from goat’s, cow or sheep’s milk. Feta cheese is rich in calcium and Iron that help people develop healthy and strong bones. This cheese has gained popularity because of its unique taste. It has a soft and creamy texture. Therefore, you can either consume this cheese raw or add it on various meals. People sensitive to cow’s milk can comfortably consume this cheese as it is made from goat and sheep’s milk. Secondly, it is low in calories and fat. This means anyone on diet can comfortably consume this Greek cheese.

Cottage Cheese

Types of Cheese
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This is a very unique cheese when compared to other cheese on this list. Cottage cheese traces its roots back in America. Cottage cheese has for a long period been made from acidifying milk curds. This process fully depends on the famous bacterial starter culture. The production process stated above is unique when compared to that of other cheese. Cottage cheese contains low fat levels and calories. Therefore, people on strict diet programs can comfortably consume cottage cheese. Additionally, people who desire more protein can use fully depend on this cheese.

These are some of the different types of cheese worth checking out. Check them out today.