In this post, we will talk about the 5 Amazing Ideas That You Should Do For Self Improvement. This will help you in improving your lifestyle.


In an average day, you probably say thank you. At least once but how much gratitude do you actually feel saying it. If you don’t take the time to feel thankful every day it’s time to start. There have been so many studies done on the connections between gratitude and well-being and the findings are really amazing. People who are grateful tend to feel fewer toxic emotions like anger jealousy and regret they feel healthier they have less pain and they sleep better and they have the best self-esteem. Those are just major benefits to feeling thankful and becoming someone who feels gratitude every day is pretty easy to change to make. It can be as simple as making the decision to feel gratitude every day and consciously looking for things in your life that you appreciate. If you go that route it’s handy to use something as a reminder that prompts you to take a minute for an exercise in gratitude. It can be an object on your desk a bracelet or something on your phone screen. Just make sure it’s something that you’re bound to glance at periodically throughout the day, in time it’ll become a habit and you won’t need the reminder to feel gratitude anymore.

Now if you like more structured exercises you can start a gratitude journal instead keep a notebook or download a journal app and take a few minutes once or twice a day to write down a few things that you’re grateful for. These can be big things like family and friends or small things like having a few extra minutes to grab a coffee before work. Anything you can think of is great the key is that you don’t just say that you’re thankful for them, you need to take a moment and really feel appreciation for the thoughts are fleeting but the feelings hang around. You’ll notice idea it’s actually pretty enjoyable to do to the feeling of gratitude as a way of overtaking negative emotions.


In a similar vein being more mindful is a great goal to have it’s another change in your perspective or thought process and it can really change your mental health for the better. Mindfulness is all about being more conscious of the present moment. Your awareness should be on what you’re doing most of the time where you are and how you’re feeling instead of on things that are stressing you out. Studies on mindfulness have shown that it proves mood reduces stress and anxiety lessens depressive symptoms and improves general health among many other benefits.

To introduce mindfulness into your routine you’ll probably need some kind of prompt like the ones mentioned before for learning gratitude. When you see your prompt take a moment to focus on the present you can also use bookends, basically creating a mindfulness habit in the morning right after you wake up and at night right before you go to bed. Notice the pace of your breathing, if you’re holding something notice the texture and the weight of it, notice what space you’re in sounds like without focusing too much on any particular sound. This exercise doesn’t have to be in any longer than a minute but it should be done a few times throughout the day. Once you get used to taking a minute here and there to feel mindful, you won’t need a prompt anymore, you’ll start finding opportunities in your day for it like when you’re waiting in line washing dishes or anytime you’re feeling anxious or even stressed.


Some of you really struggle with this. If you’re already obsessed with your planner and have printed labels on every jar in your pantry. You probably don’t need organizational skills on your checklist but chances are like most people you could stand to organize your life more effectively. Most people forget an appointment now and then or misplace things here and there and it’s really frustrating especially for me. When it happens organization can prevent those things from happening and offer some great perks to your life.

So let’s start by organizing your home it’s a simple thing to do and once it’s done it doesn’t require much upkeep to keep it that way. When things are organized they’re easier to find when you need them which will save you a lot of time in the long run and eliminate the annoyance of trying to find something that’s misplaced not to mention that an organized space is often a tidy space which feels good to be in and look at when people come over organization. Isn’t just about having a place for everything and having everything in its place though. Keeping track of your commitments and planning your schedule effectively is another aspect of the organization and it’s so important for success. So get yourself a calendar app or a planner and start filling in all of your appointments deadlines and events along with anything else that you might have to do to prepare for them. Check your calendar every day so that you know what needs to be doing and what’s coming up this can greatly contribute to success at work or school or in your life in general and make you more reliable for your friends and family.


Many people don’t feel comfortable standing up for themselves but it’s important to speak up so that your needs are met and not being overlooked. Being assertive can impact your life in such significant ways when you’re assertive in relationships you’re more likely to have your needs met because you make a point of telling your friends family and even romantic partners. What you need and you make it clear that your needs are important. When you’re assertive at work you don’t let your boss or coworkers take advantage of you and you make it known when you want a promotion or raise which can make it more likely to happen. It’s amazing how your life can change when you advocate yourself in a firm but polite way. Often the primary obstacle of becoming more assertive is something called self-worth. If you don’t believe you deserve what you want you’re going to have a hard time asking for it.

So the first thing you should do is start by identifying things about yourself that you do like. Work on your self-esteem and learn to love yourself as you do start voicing your opinions more and from there share your feelings and your needs as the situation comes up. Remember opinions are not necessarily facts. It’s a process and it can be a very tough one if you’re used to accommodating others and ignoring your own needs but take small steps. You could even start in your gratitude journal by writing that some things about yourself that you appreciate.

Overcome fears

Most people are afraid of something and for a lot of people, those fears can impact them in big ways. If you’ve got fears that are getting in your way of life of becoming more successful this is the year to get over them. We all know that it’s easier said than done but if fear is holding you back why not at least try to move past it might sound cliche but the best way to get over a fear is to face it.

So first you might want to go to the other end of a town maybe to a restaurant or a park that you’ve never been before but is it pretty far away from where you live, feel the anxiety and sit until it starts to fade a little bit. You can do this multiple times until you are used to it if necessary then in the next step, you could go to the next town over then on a short day trip then an overnight trip. Eventually, your travel anxiety should lessen as you are being further from home and start to recognize that it’s safe this can be done for so many different fears like spiders and snakes and even skydiving. If your fear is more abstract like a fear of a commitment or getting sick try seeking a therapist. Talking with a professional can help you really dig into the root of the fear. So that you can work through it it’s hard to use exposure for these kinds of fears but it’s still possible to get over them and there’s no better time than right now.