In this post, we will talk about that alkaline water is actually beneficial.

Weight loss

The theory here is that basically when you’re drinking alkaline water, it’s going to make your body more alkaline, which of course is going to allow for your body to break down fat. Now basically the theory here is that if you’re more acidic and you can’t actually tap into those fat stores and break down that fat when you’re trying to lose weight. So that’s why alkaline water supposedly supposed to help with that. It also supposed to help boost your immune system.

Balance PH

There is definitely some truth to this. If you’re someone who’s more acidic, it’s going to help bring you more alkaline, so it’s going to help balance your ph out a bit.

Cancer prevention

There’s really no studies out there that show that there’s going to be a cancer prevention effect from alkaline water, but the idea is that if your body is more acidic, then cancer thrives in it and if you make your body more alkaline than just going to starve out cancer there.

Better hydration

It also helps with hydration, but a couple of things that you can do in order to save a couple of dollars is, first of all, squeezing a lemon and some water is going to help make your body more alkaline. And the idea behind that is even though the lemon is more acidic after you break that lemon down after you digest it, it will make the body more alkaline because it breaks down and actually supports alkalinity.

The next is going to be putting a 1/8 of a tablespoon of baking soda in an eight-ounce glass of water. And that’s also going to help with the alkalinity as well.

And then lastly, what you can do is use ph drops. And using ph drops once again is going to be a way to make alkaline water. And these three methods are going to be a way to actually make it right in the comfort of your home for much less money than you’re going to be able to buy it in the store for.

Some proven benefits of alkaline water

Study 1 

It actually deactivates pepsin. Pepsin is the enzyme that is responsible for acid reflux, and so the pepsin enzyme is associated with acid reflux. Drinking alkaline water is going to deactivate it, therefore helping with the acid reflux. Now, here’s the deal with that is that it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem because if you were to continue drinking alkaline water as a matter of fact what it could do is go in and make acid reflux worse, just like taking antacids. Once again, it’s going to give you short term relief, but continue to have a long-term problem because what happens is that when the stomach becomes too alkaline, then it just doesn’t function properly and that’s when you get that acid reflux flaring up. So, once again it’s going to deactivate pepsin. It’s going to give you a short-term solution to acid reflux, but certainly not a long-term one.

Study 2

This study took 100 adults, 50 men, 50 women, and what they did is they put them through a workout. They’re in a dehydrated state, and then they figured out what water actually helped hydrate them better. The marker they were actually looking at his blood viscosity. What was found is that alkaline water actually improved blood viscosity. So, when we look at actually rehydrating the body properly, it certainly is a win, and alkaline water is going to support that whole process more so than regular water.

Study 3

They found is that it may support reversing high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. And so anyway, when we look at alkaline water in general, you know everything in moderation. We don’t want to be consuming tons of alkaline water because what will happen if you’re actually going to make your stomach more alkaline and as a result, you’re going to open the gateway for a lot of things to happen in your gut that you don’t want like bacterial overgrowth, and just a complete imbalance. So, we have to be careful about that. We don’t want to be drinking alkaline water all day.