If you are facing the problem with lower testosterone, then you should try these seven ways to boost testosterone naturally.

Lifting heavy weights

This is the most common advice given to men who are seeking higher levels of testosterone. This is because there are numerous studies backing up this claim. One study found that lifting heavy weights for just three months can improve your overall levels by up to eight percent.

Keeping your balls cool

Keeping your balls cool has been proven to increase your overall testosterone production. So how would we go about keeping our balls cool though, experts suggest sleeping naked as well as cold showers which have its own plethora of benefits.

Quality sleep

There are many studies show that the more high-quality sleep you have the higher your testosterone levels will be. This is mainly because while we’re sleeping our bodies are producing testosterone. In order to have the best possible sleep, you can you want to keep your room pitch dark. So that means cartoons instead of lines and all electronics off other tips to keep in mind are sleeping in a cooler room which will lead to better sleep.

Avoid using stimulants afternoon as they will keep you up. We also want to avoid too much blue light which is a type of light that will throw off your circadian rhythm. Essentially your sleep schedule use apps like flux which will filter out those lights on your computer and your phone.

Change your diet

There are numerous changes and adjustments you can make to your diet that will give you a boost in overall testosterone levels. Fasting for 16 hours has been shown to increase testosterone levels by up 180%.

Cholesterol is a building block for all hormones including testosterone and studies have shown a direct correlation between the two. The more cholesterol you consume the more testosterone and produce and contrary to popular belief eating cholesterol does not lead to an increase in overall cholesterol levels in the body. Sardines, oysters, and eggs are all good sources of cholesterol can also contain vital amounts of zinc.

The three that brings us into essential vitamins supplements and vitamins and minerals are crucial to testosterone production and are an easy way to razor testosterone levels. Zinc strongly correlates with higher levels of testosterone magnesium is also great for sleep and also correlates with high testosterone. Vitamin D is becoming a common deficiency due to an increase in office jobs as well as an indoor culture. Experts found that just supplementing 3000 IU per day in men with sufficient amounts of vitamin D has been shown to improve testosterone levels significantly. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you can die from vitamin D overdose. So, it’s important not to supplement too much.

Lower estrogen

The increasing estrogen is extremely important when it comes down to increasing your levels of testosterone as well as increasing the efficiency of your testosterone. Estrogen combines androgen receptors in your body only has so much of them. This prevents testosterone from binding to those receptors lead to less overall effectiveness from testosterone. In order to decrease the estrogen, you want to lose weight fat cells contain an enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen then increases your body fat. This cycle goes on and on making you fatter and making your testosterone less and less effective over time. The only way to get out this vicious cycle is to lose weight in a natural way by working out and dieting.

You want to limit exposure to BPA. BPA’s mimic estrogen and they are commonly found in plastic bottles and the lining of canned foods. We also want to avoid storing fatty foods in plastic containers.

Reduce stress

Studies have shown that there is an inverse correlation between cortisol which is the stress hormone and testosterone. Lowering levels of cortisol will increase your levels of the star strong to reduce levels of cortisol you want to do power poses which is when you mimic the body language of confidence and dominance.

It’s simply mimicking the body language of a certain emotion will create physiological effects within your body. Hold poses like the Superman pose where you stand with your feet wide apart and with your hands in the air. Meditation is considered to be one of the greatest ways you can reduce levels of cortisol. Simply meditated for just 10 minutes a day has been shown to have a massive effect on your overall cortisol levels. Chewing gum also decreases cortisol and anxiety but only slightly.

Increase androgen receptors

You need to increase the number of energy receptors in order to have your testosterone have a bigger effect on your body. A great way to do this is by supplementing L-carnitine and L-tartrate which upregulates androgen receptors making more of them throughout your body.

A more effective way to increase your androgen receptors is by avoiding overstimulation, especially from drugs and porn because scientists have observed a correlation between overstimulation and a drop in overall androgen receptors.