“Take care of your body; it’s the only place you live in” – Jim Rohn

Waking up to see a beautiful sunrise, with fresh oxygen to breathe and plenty of greens to feel is soothing to the human body. Happiness is made of 3 fundamentals comprising of mind, body and soul. The balancing act of these in a human body leads to happiness. Falling in love with taking care of oneself, will eventually show what magic your body performs. To maintain the balance between mind and body is an act of following few things in life which then entitles oneself to peace. Below are a few habits which can help attain that enlightened stage.

10 Habits to Follow Every Day for Healthy and Positive Lifestyle

Be Positive

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle

Positivity should be a lifestyle. Thoughts that are fed with positivity leads to a path of achieving each goal. The problems start to wither away and show new boundaries to follow. It is an attitude which convinces the mind and body to grow and succeed. It is the thinking which yields a positive outcome. Whatever you think, you attract. Accepting the facts of positive thinking makes one focused on whatever oneself is looking for. Many would agree and disagree with the impacts of a positive attitude. Needless to say that staying one give your mind a high power to stay persistent and get what one wants with patience and hard work. It gets that power to change things at will but to find out that path which eventually leads to the goal. Accepting to facts and staying positive are two ends of the pole; however, when one aligns it together, the essence of wonders start flowing in.

Unexpectedly if any goes wrong, we are always advised to stay positive. The mind is a baby who needs to be fed with the right directions and let is overcome fears. Feed it with positivity and give strength to think beyond the horizon. Feeding mind with best possible thoughts results in good mood and behaviour. Connecting the mind piece by piece to looking for something as a complete picture eventually helps in getting what is needed.

Confidence, self-awareness, persuasion, persistence, are some of the elements to get what’s desired. To lead that path the convincing of mind to do all such things is another act of falling on the right footsteps.

Teach your mind to trust in things you want, and it will change the game for you. Trust to get that is all that is needed. Feed mind with such thoughts and it will definitely be by your side on the journey to success or happy life.


Healthy and Positive Lifestyle
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Happiness is the highest form of health – Dalai Lama. Exercising is a fuel to the human body which only makes it stronger. The regularity pertaining to exercising makes the body even stronger.
Exercising means actually oiling your body. The often you do it the best it stays. Ever heard of exercising made a body weak? No, right. Exercising correctly and mixed potions only increase the chances of leading a beautiful and happier life. Health is the biggest asset one possess. By the time you reach a certain age where you get what all you wished for but at the end your body was taken care of, then there was no point in even working so much to reach there.

Exercise in any form is good. Workouts lead to increasing the stamina shaping each muscle to its full potential and tightening the skin for increased reduction of fats from the body. Gym workouts are most crazy fads followed these days. The accurate way to workout is the only way to keep one fit and strengthen its body. If done inappropriately then it leads to a significant loss. If you one amongst those people who are not a fan of an indoor gym, for them walking for 45 minutes during sunrise is the best medicine. Morning rays give your body essential vitamins to absorb the necessary nutrients you feed the body. Some love to run and sweat it out. Running marks great stamina and moves each nerve to a faster pace than it could do normally. Sweating out in that format makes the body more resistant and increases stamina to fight any diseases at bay. However, make sure you run with proper guidance and on the proper field. Advice is to run on the land with soil under your feet. Running on hard surfaces leads to the onset of joint pains.

The ancient practice of India origin was and is still is the best way of exercise, its nothing but Yoga. While we talked of various forms of exercises, only yoga is a compelling mix for balancing mind, body and soul. Yoga heals you internally with the root causes of various pains. The benefits out of yoga are increased flexibility, posture correction, muscle strengthening, protects each joint and increasing its functionality, improves blood flow in each cell, drops blood pressure, etc. It helps to attain focus by a few powerful meditations and focused approach.

Stay Hydrated

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle
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Up to 90% of the human body weight comes from water, and upto 60% of the human body is water. This is one of the basic necessity of human being. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, heart and brain are composed of 73% of water and lungs have around 74% of water. Even skin, muscles and kidneys are watery. Hence we need a huge amount of water to feed to our parts to function well. The keys things water does for the human body are like:

  • Helps to regulate body temperature
  • Converts food to essential components needed for survival and digestion
  • Helps in delivery oxygen all over the body
  • Flushes out wastes or toxic material from the body
  • Allows cells to grow, reproduce and stay alive
  • Helps the brain in the manufacturing of hormones and neurotransmission

Thus, Study says adult make needs around 3 litres of water per day, and adult female needs 2.2 litres of water. However, consuming more always benefits the body. So stay hydrated for maintaining your body functions.

Try Meditation

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle
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Meditation is a practice of focusing on thoughts, things, mind, to maintain the alertness and attention to achieve a state of calmness and stability. It is training one provides to the mind to focus and alter the thoughts. Meditation actually helps to reduce your stress with a few of its asanas. The persistent meditation techniques assist in reducing the anxiety of the body. Helps in developing a discipline for human mind thus giving it the power to control things, which results in overcoming addictions if one may have. Regular meditation increases memory and clarity within thoughts. Some form of meditations gets a human body perfect skin and breathing techniques even after a certain age. Thus emotional and mental health is balanced out my meditation.

Ditch the Junk Food

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle

Junk Food is nothing but excessive harmful calorie food which has an additional high amount of sugar or fats. Junk food does not help the body in any way, except for fake calories and vitamins. Foods such as burgers, fast food, Pizza, over fried are all referred to as junk foods. Junk food just harms a human body regularly by increasing weight; chronic diseases type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and even cancer. Thus the best way to remain healthy is by stopping the usage of junk foods.

Eat Healthy Food

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle
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Anything raw is healthy food. Healthy food is a bane to the human body. It provides your body with the essential nutrition including fluid, macronutrients, micronutrients and adequate calories and has nothing extra processed. Mainly is comprises of fresh fruits, and vegetables and whole grains. A lot of greens are like a cherry to the body. Some foods can be cooked in a certain way to maintain its taste as well as nutrients thereby giving the body a yummy and happy tummy.

Try Essential Oils

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle

Essential Oils are nothing but the oils which are extracted from certain plants to products which thereby helps in releasing various cells to function. Various oils are available these days. Some suggest oils are as follows:

  • Chamomile Oil: Helps as a stress reliever. Also, a perfect solution to release skin blemishes, acne and inflammations
  • Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil helps in increasing alertness. Few drops in bathing water give relief.

Similarly, there are other oils like, lavender oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil which one to try to help the body.

Make New Friends

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle
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Friends are the easiest solution to mind. Making new friends of your different topics can help the human mind. Talking out to some about your health, some would have a common ground in reading books, or a particular hobby. They would help you grow and always support you mentally in most of the things.

Compliment Yourself

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle
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Self-love is of utmost need to the body. Complimenting yourself on each small thing, you do with love helps you feel better about yourself. Minute things of patting your back when you cook some healthy good food or dish is an excellent thing one does without any expectations. Praising yourself always assists the mind in making soul and body beautiful. It encourages us to do even more such lovely things.

Sleep Well

Healthy and Positive Lifestyle

Well, the body needs rest, and it needs time to get its energy back by relaxing all the functions it does all human life. Sleep is the only source of relaxing the body and getting it to function actively. Healthy sleep maintains blood sugar levels and keeps the immune system to function effectively and de-stress the heart. Normal human sleep needed is about 8-9 hours of the day which thereby pumps up the body to relive.

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