In this post, we’re talking about the signs of high blood sugar. Now high blood sugar is a big problem today. Millions of people who don’t have full-blown diabetes have pre-diabetes today and these millions of people are suffering from a lot of different symptoms and you may be one of them so what we’re going to do in this post is talking about the symptoms that are involved with high blood sugar because it’s important to make sure you identify it.

Hyperglycemia Symptoms

Hyperglycemia is basically saying you have a high amount of sugar in your bloodstream. Here are some of the symptoms that come out of it.

Increased thirst

If you’re someone who just finds that you’re thirsty all the time no matter how much you drink you just feel that you’re still not getting enough. We want to make sure that we are going and paying attention to this symptom because it’s a symptom of hyperglycemia. So if your increased thirst all the time there’s a good chance that we have blood sugar problems of blood sugar instability.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is another big when it kind of goes along with that increased Thursday you have a dry mouth very thirsty and you just want to keep drinking water but you’re like “my goodness I already drink so much how much more do I need”.


Headaches is a big one so a lot of people go and get headaches as well to get headaches throughout the day and you know these are the type of people were saying I’m getting a dull headache every single day. Well, there’s a good chance hyperglycemia.

Blurred vision

This is one you got to really pay attention to because this one kind of course you know become much worse you can damage your eyes permanently if you’re not getting this under control. So happens because of a couple of reasons, first of all, there’ll be swelling in the eye but also the other things that can happen are you can start to have an increased amount of blood vessels that will start to form in the eye as well causing blurred vision. So we want to not avoid taking care of it if we’re having this issue.

Frequent urination

So you’re running to the bathroom all day but you’re also up all night. If this is a problem for you then once again we would correlate it to maybe did you eat a lot of carbohydrates, did you eat a lot of sugar. What’s happening that is causing that cuz sometimes people go in and out of some of these different symptoms. What we try to get people to do is actually correlate these symptoms to the way that they’re eating.

Weight loss

Weight loss issues because even though you have high blood sugar you’re not able to actually get that sugar into the cell the kidney is trying to dump it so fast that you start to get this big you know uneven physiology occurring in the body. So what happens you actually start to lose weight inability to concentrate you’re not able to focus and then of course sores and wounds that won’t heal. So this is a problem too you’re getting different wounds on your body and you’re just not healing is taking forever so that is this sign of hyperglycemia as well. So pay attention to these symptoms because like we said they can actually become something much more severe down the road.

Changes to implement

Let’s go ahead and talk about changes that you can implement today in order to help bring your blood sugar down.


So if you’re someone who’s not exercising at all start exercising. If you’re not into it that’s not your thing start with a 30-minute walk a day. Get out there do a 30-minute brisk walk it’s going to help and it’s going to support and driving you in the right direction. Now also when we look at exercise high-intensity interval training is very powerful for bringing down blood sugar and insulin levels and also weight training as well. So we want to make sure that we’re increasing our exercise. If we’re going from nothing to something that something is still better than the nothing. So we want to make sure that we’re it’s starting to implement exercise into our daily routine.

Change diet

This is so important when it comes to the overall diet. This is one of the most important changes that you can make. Now when we look at diet we want to look at sugar-free. We also want to look at the low carb. Now the reason, this is important is because of course you know actually putting sugar in our food or buying food with lots of sugar is going to cause a lot of issues but also the carbohydrates. They’re gonna break down in your body as sugar especially if you have this blood sugar instability issue. Essentially these cars are just going to drive your blood sugar up. So we have to be really careful of that in using your diet in order to start attacking this problem is so important you know some people want to turn the medication they want to turn all these other things before they change your diet. Change your diet first it’s the most powerful tool that you possess in order to make this change. We can also use things like apple cider vinegar and we’re gonna help bring down blood sugar.

Monitor blood sugar

This is important this is powerful. So when you wake up in the morning you go and you take your blood sugar levels and you’re able to see where you’re at. This is very simple to do you actually just go to the store and get a simple at-home test to do it you’re just gonna prick yourself check your blood sugar and as a result, you’ll be able to see where you’re at. If your fasting blood glucose is super high or you know you’re eating meals and you’re seeing these huge blood sugar fluctuations. Then there’s a good chance you got a problem and so then of course if you’re noticing that you have some serious issues and you’re making changes and you’re not able to start making corrections in it you should work with your doctor on it.