Today we are going to learn about five simple tricks to look better every morning.

Drink water

The easiest way to look better in the morning is to drink a glass of water. We’ve all heard that you’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. All of this fluid goes directly into your organs, tissues, and cells. It helps you get rid of waste lubricates, your joints and protects vulnerable cells in your stomach and Lungs.

Water even regulates our internal temperature, making sure we don’t overheat or freeze. Of course, that’s all on the inside. Drinking water also hydrates your skin, your body sheds about 30 to 40,000 skin cells every minute which means about fifty million cells a day. Each one of those cells is made up of water so you’re constantly losing large quantities. You should continuously be replacing the water you’re losing to make sure your body produces new skin cells.

Drinking lots of water can also keep you away from gaining weight. When you drink enough throughout the day you feel less hungry you consume fewer calories because you don’t have the urge to overeat. This is a great trick for people who eat when they’re anxious or bored. Replace the chips or cookies with a glass of water to feel full without the negative side effects. Even if you aren’t losing weight water can still improve your look. It primarily reduces bloating by lubricating your digestive system. It also has the added bonus of boosting your metabolism so you will burn calories faster.

When you immediately drink a glass of water in the morning, you replenish and refuel your body for the day to come. Your skin will look better your stomach will feel lighter and you’ll find yourself filled with energy. This is especially important if you like to incorporate a workout engineer morning routine. Not only does exercising require more water for your bones and muscles but you also lose water faster through your skin. Perspiration and fatigue can leave you feeling drained if you don’t replace the water you lost. So to make sure you look your best and get the most out of your workout start your morning right with a glass of water.

Eat right

All too often we hear about people skipping breakfast, this is especially common for night owls, who prefer to eat a late dinner instead of an early morning meal but breakfast isn’t nicknamed the most important meal of the day for no reason. Breakfast is responsible for kick-starting your metabolism after eight hours of sleep. A more active metabolism helps you burn calories faster and get more energy from your food. Why? because breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your meals. When you eat a nutritious breakfast you’re telling your body to use energy instead of conserving it. If you let yourself go hungry until lunch you’ll look and feel less energized that’s because your body is worried it won’t get enough calories. So it conserves as much energy as it can. This is one of the biggest reasons why people who skip breakfast tend to have a higher BMI or body mass index.

You don’t get these benefits by eating anything you want in the mornings because it’s your first meal of the day. What you eat becomes that much more important, for example, breakfast is a great opportunity to make a dent in your daily intake of calcium and fiber. Foods like milk and yogurt provide nearly 30 percent of your calcium for the day, while one avocado will supply half of your daily fiber. You also want to add some protein especially if you live an active lifestyle. You need protein to both fuels your body and keep your brain feeling focused and clear. It also helps you build muscle, tightens your skin, and promotes hair growth. This is why many people start the day with a protein shake consuming 50 percent of their daily intake.

There are breakfast foods you should think about avoiding. Sugar is one of the most popular ones you can find it in everything from fruit juices to sugary cereals. You’d think the sugar high you get from a bowl of Captain Crunch would help but the burst of energy will leave you an hour later. A sugary breakfast also makes you crave more fattening foods, so start off your day with a healthy breakfast that leaves you looking and feeling your best.

Add an hour

How much time do you leave yourself in the morning. If you’re like most people you probably wake up about an hour before work or school but how much can you realistically accomplish within one hour. You might be able to exercise shower and eat breakfast but even then you’d be rushing. Many people want to enhance their morning routine but forget the most important part you need to have enough time to do each thing well. Your morning routine won’t amount for much if you’re rushing just like a quick rinse doesn’t count as a real shower. You might like speeding through your morning routine because it feels easy and automatic but when you rush you weren’t reaping the benefits of what you’re doing. You might as well not be doing them at all.

How do you make sure you’re getting the most of your routine? Simply add an hour to your morning, don’t change your routine, just wake up an hour earlier and spend more time doing the same things. For example, if you normally speed through a 15 minute workout make it thirty minutes instead. When you go slowly, it forces you to pay attention to what you’re doing because we do things automatically, we tend to get careless. This technique also decreases the amount of stress you have to deal with in the morning similar to a bad breakfast. A stressful morning sets the tone for the whole day.You can cut that stress in half by waking up an hour earlier.

Listen to music

Your mood can influence, how you look and how you see yourself. When we feel more confident we judge our appearance differently. We see ourselves is more attractive and it’s actually true. A 2009 study found that personality traits like confidence and positivity boost your physical attractiveness. So by putting yourself in a good mood in the morning, you will actually look better. An effective way to put a positive spin on your morning routine is to listen to music.

Another study conducted in 2016, measured the emotional reactions of over 2000 people while listening to music. They found that all genres of music brighten your day in one way or another. Even the saddest songs make people feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can also use music to get your blood pumping. By singing along to something fast-paced and fun you raise your energy levels and positively impact your mood. Who knew that singing and the shower could be so good for you.

Use your evening routine

Your appearance in the morning heavily relies on what you did the night before. Nighttime routines don’t get enough credit while everyone knows a good morning routine increases productivity and motivation. The benefits of a steady nighttime routine are often ignored but the truth is that your nighttime routine can be just as important. The primary goal should be preparing for the next day. This is best suited for the evening because mornings have deadlines.

At night, on the other hand, you aren’t counting down toward anything. You don’t need to rush around to avoid being late. This makes it the perfect time to slow down and look ahead. You can afford to take an extra 10 minutes to think about what you’re going to wear. You can dedicate a half hour to reorganizing your to-do list without worrying about missing breakfast. Use this time before bed to free up your mornings, don’t leave yourself a hundred things to do right after you wake up. You should do 90% of the work before bed, so you can focus on feeling productive and positive in the morning. While good evening habits can improve your mornings an unhealthy nighttime routine can just as easily ruin them.

One of the many common mistakes is eating dessert or a midnight snack. It is true that you shouldn’t go to bed hungry but people often foods that damage their overall health. Foods like sugars and fats are especially harmful before bed because of how they affect your sleep. Sugar’s keep you awake longer while preventing you from entering a deep slumber. Fats lead to a more fragmented sleep which is less restorative for your body and brain. When you don’t sleep well your appearance suffers. Your body releases more stress hormones that cause inflammation and skin conditions like acne. Your skin also gets less oxygen which means more wrinkles lines and clumps of dead skin. Other evening rituals like browsing social media can have the same detrimental effects on your appearance. To make sure you always look great create a nighttime routine that fosters deep sleep and helps your mornings run smoothly.