Today, we will be talking about the benefits of Intermittent Fasting. It is basically one day a meal. Having one day a meal is difficult but it has various benefits.

Increases HGH { Human Growth Hormone }

This is really powerful because human growth hormone is a really important hormone. That is necessary for tissue repair, it’s necessary for anti-aging is necessary for a lot of important functions in the body as people age this hormone starts to decline and a lot of people are taking different synthetic versions of this to try to boost in their body but you can actually boost this hormone naturally.

One of the ways that you boost it the highest when doing intermittent fasting is that you exercise before breaking your fast. The research shows that people who are exercising before breaking their fast we’re boosting their human growth hormone between one and two thousand percent. You can also do high-intensity interval training, where you’re just doing short duration high-intensity workouts or you can do it through weight training. The key is actually doing that exercise training prior to breaking your fast.

Metabolic hormones

It’s going to help balance these metabolic hormones because people who have this metabolic hormone imbalance their whole their whole health just becomes a nightmare and a mess okay.

Insulin is this hormone that when it’s high in the body. It’s going to store fat, it’s going to increase inflammation, estrogen levels, it’s going to do so many different neck things in the body. The intermittent fasting or one meal a day because it really helps drive that insulin level low. Now people especially who have insulin resistance which is an enormous number of people. Now there’s a lot of people who are diagnosed with diabetes and it’s very obvious they have insulin resistance. They have blood sugar instability but there’s a lot of people who have like pre-diabetes and is not so obvious. So when we look at insulin we want to do this intermittent fasting, we want to do one meal a day drive that insulin level low and it’s going to help heal the cells can help. Heal the cell receptor so blood sugar can be driven into the cell properly. Now if we do this form of fasting Drive insulin levels lower, it’s going to allow us to heal the body.

Leptin is that hormone that tells the body to burn fat. Now when we look at leptin this is a problem if you can’t hear it. When we get this you know insulin resistance when we get leptin resistance. When our body can’t hear the signals from these hormones then we obviously can’t utilize the function that these hormones offer and let them tells the body to burn fat. So if you have this hormone resistance issue then your body is not going to hear that signal. So you’re not going to be able to burn that fat.

Ghrelin is this hormone that actually tells you you’re full. So you know if you can see the nightmare that comes out of this different metabolic hormone instability. Insulins high, gaining weight, having a lot of blood sugar swings. Leptin is high our leptin high but can’t be heard by the body so therefore you know we’re not burning that fat for energy and then ghrelin is not being heard by the body either. We’re not getting the proper signals so, therefore, we just keep eating and eating because we’re not being told that we’re full. We can see the nightmare that comes out of it.

Decreases Inflammation

When we look at inflammation, one of the things that come with inflammation is pain. When we decrease inflammation, we decrease pain and we also do some other good things. We decrease the risk of a lot of different diseases that come from chronic inflammation. Now, when we look at inflammation and disease we can think of cancer, we can think of heart disease, we can think of all these different diseases, that first start with a chronic inflammatory. In the body that goes completely uncontrolled. Implement intermittent fasting, implement one meal a day and we’re going to decrease inflammation in the body.

Anti – Aging

There’s not anybody out there who doesn’t want to age slower and this is fact. Everybody wants to look younger look better and look healthier. When we look at anti-aging, one of the things that comes into play is a big hormone balance issue. One of the things that happens when we get a lot of insulin instability essentially what’s going to happen is we’re going to get estrogen is going to be more dominant in the body. So whether you’re a female or a male. This is a problem for you especially in females because it leads to a lot of estrogen dominant camp cancers like breast cancer and then usually progesterone starts to go low okay so when we start doing intermittent fasting or one meal a day, we start to give more of a metabolic balance across the body but we get a hormonal balance that comes along with that.

Estrogen balance out progesterone balance out testosterone is going to increase. So there’s so many men that are out there taking synthetic testosterone and one of the things that you can do is implement intermittent fasting, one meal a day you know to boost testosterone levels because you’re gonna boost growth hormone. When you go and boost growth hormone the testosterone.

Increased energy

When we look at the gut in general, there’s about 10 to 15% of our daily energy expenditure that goes to the gut. Many people are just over eating and over assuming and when you do that you were just kind putting such a burden on your body that’s not necessary. So one of the things that you’re gonna find is that when you skip breakfast you’re doing intermittent faster, you’re doing one meal a day you’re not putting that burden of eating throughout the day on your body. It’s gonna help increase and give you increased energy but also give you some more energy throughout the day.

Improve immune function

There’s a lot of research around fasting and improving your immune function. That’s very important because so many people are having hyper immune disorders are also having autoimmune disorders in the immune system is just totally totally dysfunctional. So we want to make sure that using intermittent fasting or working to balance out immune function. It’s going to help increase your immune function as well so you’re going to be less likely to get you know the flu and all these other things. Prolonged Fasting is also helpful. You should also try that.