In this post, we’re talking about how to boost testosterone naturally. A lot of men face, a lot of challenges in their life because they have decreased testosterone and of course once they get a boost to back up they feel great. It’s estimated that about 30% of men between the ages of 40 and 79 have a decrease in testosterone and what most men are turning to is hormone replacement therapy.

Side effects of decreased testosterone

Life is not the same as you know it. First of all, you’re gonna have Declined libido. You’re gonna have Erectile dysfunction, Lack of energy, and decrease in physical strength and endurance. So men typically find that not only in the gym they have a lack of performance but also outside the gym as well.

Typically Depressed mood comes along with it. The depressed mood they’re not in a full state of depression but basically just not enjoying life like they should. Decreased enjoyment in life. Also a decrease in work performance. You know decrease in work performance is happening because you’re having lack of energy and you are having cognitive decline. If you’re experiencing all of this. Life is not the same as you know it and it’s estimated that once you hit 30 you started to have a decline in testosterone and especially once again between those ages of 40 and 79 is where it becomes even more of an issue.

Clinically ways to boost testosterone


This is one once again that most people have never heard of. This is a mineral rich vital complex and this comes from the decomposition of plant matter by microorganisms. Now typically this is coming from the Himalaya Mountains and also the Tibet mountains. If you’re getting really pure ingredients when you go and get this shilajit because it’s high on top of the mountains. There’s over 50 studies on chili Jie that show positive impact on testosterone. Also shows positive impact on infertile males. So if you’re male and trying to conceive a child, the shilajit has been proven in research to actually really support you.

There’s prima facia shilajit which is the type of shilajit that actually use in the clinic. They did this study on this patented process of shilajit that it was 90 days, 75 healthy men between the ages of 45 and 55 and what they found is that had a significant increase in total testosterone in dehydroepiandrosterone. It really helps and so I’m a big fan of using this in order to help men boost up their testosterone levels before they turn to hormone replacement therapy.

Malaysian ginseng

This is another one that most people are not familiar with in order to help boost testosterone. Lots of research on this, promoting healthy testosterone is traditional Asian medicine, now this is where this came from. This isn’t something new, it’s been around for thousands of years but yet most people haven’t heard of it. There’s this Europe peptide within the Malaysian ginseng that activates the cyp 17 enzyme and we are not going to get too complicated with this but basically this activates that, which ultimately boost testosterone levels in your body.

In the clinic is used that called LGA 100. Another patented nutrient. They took the euro peptides, they took the most biologically active ones and the most potent ones they isolated them. So that you can really get the most out of it. When you start looking at testosterone boosters it’s not typically something that you have to take forever is typically something that you can take periodically in order to really help give you a better quality of life.