There are a lot of perks to having friends. They provide companionship, affection, and good humor. A friend will also be the one to tell you that you have a long black nose hair snaking out of your nostril because it’s something you should know.

We need nose hairs, but we don’t necessarily want to look at them. Like all unwanted hair, we take all kinds of approaches to rid ourselves
of them.

Removing nose hairs is a more delicate practice than you think. To help you out, we put together four helpful tips for trimming your nose hairs (so your friends don’t have to break the bad news).

1. Use a Good Light

Don’t fly blind when you remove nasal hair. A good light will help you find the hairs you want to trim and work precisely with your tool.
Why is it so important to see your work?

While trimming your nose hair is safe, you don’t want to remove too much of your hair. Your nose hairs may be unsightly, but they’re an important filter that prevents you from breathing in too much dust, pollen, or mold. Your nose hairs catch them and prevent them from traveling through your respiratory system and causing an infection.

2. Find the Right Tools

A good rule for removing nose hairs is this: if you wouldn’t stick it in your nose for any other reason, don’t use it to get rid of nose hairs.

Wax, tweezers, hair removal creams, kitchen scissors, and flame throwers are not your nose’s friends. They can all cause injury to your skin or even result in infection.

You have three safe options:

  • Nose hair trimmer or attachment
  • Blunt facial hair trimming scissors
  • Laser hair removal

Trimmers and attachments are a great option because they trim all your hairs to a standard length and they do so without risk of cutting your skin.

3. Blow Your Nose Before and After

Trimming your nose hairs is part of grooming, but don’t make it gross. You should blow your nose thoroughly before trimming them on your own or visiting a salon.

Blowing again after you finish will remove any stray bits of hair that may still be stuck in your nose.

4. Avoid Plucking Nose Hairs

You might wonder if it’s okay to take tweezers to your nose hairs, especially if you’re looking at a single pesky hair that keeps poking out. However, try to resist the urge.

Not only does it hurt to pluck hairs, but you also increase the risk of wounding yourself. What’s more, plucking hair and removing the hair follicle puts you at risk for an ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs are those that get trapped under the surface of your skin. These can be painful and even get infected.

Removing Nose Hairs is a Breeze

Do your nose hairs tend to wave hello at passers-by? Give your friends a break and add ‘removing nose hairs’ to your grooming routine.

Remember that even though your nose hairs might be unsightly, they do have a function. So, be careful before going to town on the inside of your nose. You could cause sores and introduce harmful bacteria!

Trim those bad boys to a respectable length, and you’ll be good to go.

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