Do you desire a tight butt? If yes, you have to carry out practical routines to attain your dream. Working out is another way of attaining your desired a tight butt within a short period. Some workout routines can deliver instant results when compared to others. Therefore, the first step towards attaining a tight butt starts off by choosing the right exercise. Afterwards, be consistent with the workout. Consistency and a healthy diet is the secret towards attaining a tight butt. Try out these stretches if you want a tight butt within a short period.

Hand Heel Rock

Stretches for Tight Butt
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Hand heel rock can help you attain your desired tight butt within a short period. Get on the floor with your feet, knees and hands touching the floor. Support a section of your weight with your hands and arm at large. Don’t change the position of your arms so that they can efficiently support your body weight. Consequently, your arms shouldn’t bend at all or your abdomen will sag and touch the floor. Your abdomen shouldn’t touch the floor. Ensure your head looks upwards during the entire workout routine. Momentarily pause for a while before repeating the entire procedure again. Hand heel rock can also be performed as if you want to sit on your heels. During this period, ensure your back rounds out. Start from scratch and repeat the same procedure. Repeat the same procedure for roughly ten minutes each time you workouts.

Standing Hip Shift

Stretches for Tight Butt
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Look no further if you are looking for a flexible exercise can be carried out anywhere. Standing hip shift is what you need. This exercise procedure is being used across the globe to help ladies attain a tight butt within the shortest time possible. You only need to correctly conduct this exercise and be consistent. So, what is the correct way to carry out standing hip shift routine? Start off by standing straight by holding anything for balance. A chair is recommended. Go on and stretch your right leg behind you. During this time, try and turn your toes outwards. Afterwards, raise your right leg until it reaches your hips height. Lower your right leg downwards. Ensure it doesn’t touch the ground. Repeat this procedure for a couple of minutes before shifting attention to the left leg. During this time, your body should be straight. The chair should only be used for balance support, nothing else.

Figure 4

Stretches for Tight Butt
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There are numerous testimonials, praising figure 4 exercise for helping them attain a tight butt within a short period. This is one of the simplest and easy to perform stretches. In fact, anyone can comfortably perform it. Warm up before commencing this routine. Take a mat and place it down on the floor. Lay down with your back facing the floor. Suspend both the right and left legs in the hair. Make sure you are comfortable before placing your right ankle on your left thigh. This is the region immediately above the knees. A shape that looks like four should be visible. This is where this tight butt stretch routine got its name from. Use your hands to hold the right thigh and pull it towards your check. Hold still in this position for roughly thirty seconds before shifting the entire procedure on the other leg.

Half Lord of the Fishes Workout

Stretches for Tight Butt
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For Half Lord of the Fishes start off by sitting on a mat with your legs stretched out. Slowly start brining your knees on your chest. All this should be carried out when your feet are flat on your mat. Move on and place your left foot beneath the right leg. Your left foot should be outside your right hip. Comfortably rest your left leg on the mat before stretching your right foot towards the left. The sole purpose of this move is to ensure the sole edge of your right foot rests just outside your left hip. During this time, your right knee should point upwards before twisting your torso of your right leg. You are free to turn your head on either the right or left side of the head. Hold your posture for roughly sixty seconds when carrying out this procedure before changing to the other leg.

Half Pigeon Variation

Stretches for Tight Butt
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Half pigeon is very effective in that your desired results can be visible just a few days after commencing this exercise. Warm up before commencing this routine so that you don’t aggravate any injury. Place your right foot towards your right wrist. Try and position both your shin and knee on the floor. Move on and straighten your left leg so that it forms number seven when keenly observed. Go ahead and align your right hip with your right knee. Afterwards flex it. Repeat the same procedure with the opposite leg.

Try out these five effective stretches today and attain your desired tight butt.