B vitamins play such a huge role in our overall health. So in this post, we will be talking about the benefits of B vitamins.

Immune function

So, when we look at B vitamins there are studies that correlate a deficiency in B vitamins to have depressed immune function and immune activity and immune response. So basically, when we look at the immune system if we want it to function well, if we want to stay well and not get sick from the flu and viruses and all these different things out there, keep our immune system on alert. B vitamins are very helpful in that process.

Cardiovascular disease

Whether it’s the stroke, high blood pressure or cholesterol, B vitamins play a huge role in our overall cardiovascular health. So, cardiovascular conditions, cardiovascular disease is in many times related to B vitamins.

We are not saying that B vitamins in any of these things. We going to mention here is the sole cause, but what research has found is that a deficiency in B vitamins is often found when they have these problems.

Oxidative damage

Oxidative stress that is causing damage to the DNA. So, when we look at our DNA, our environment is very important. If we want our DNA to express health and also express longevity and well-being, then we want to make sure that we reduce oxidative stress in the body because oxidative stress causes oxidative damage on the DNA. We want to make sure that if we keep those B vitamins up in the body, then we’re going to have more healthy functioning DNA.

Neurodegeneration & Cognitive function

Studies found is that people who have Alzheimer’s, people who have dementia essentially they also in many times have B vitamin deficiencies and when we look at neurodegeneration. We are using that as a blanket statement however, there are many neurological conditions that actually come out of a deficiency in B vitamins.

When we look at the cognitive function, what is found is that people who have a B vitamin deficiency, their mental stamina seems to be a little bit more sluggish, they’re just not as sharp. So anyway, if we want to really stay sharp and keep our brain active, we want to make sure that we’re getting a sufficient amount of B vitamins.

Chronic fatigue

So, if you’re someone who has a lot of muscle weakness, muscle fatigue or maybe just can’t find yourself to get out of bed in the morning, people who have big crashes throughout the day, a B vitamin deficiency can play a role in that.

Rheumatoid arthritis

We have seen first-hand what happens when you start taking someone who has rheumatoid arthritis and they start supplementing with vitamin B because it really helps a lot and these same people who have rheumatoid arthritis, it’s often times sad because they’re getting every treatment thrown at them except looking at, you know, do they have an inflammatory problem that needs to be worked on, oxidative distress, deficiencies, and healthy diet and so on and so forth. And so, we look at rheumatoid arthritis once again, studies correlate that to have a deficiency in B vitamins as well.


When we look at pregnancy, what was found is that women who are pregnant essentially what happens is, throughout their pregnancy as the pregnancy progresses what happens is, their B vitamins actually become more and more low in their body. So they start to develop a deficiency

Making sure that when you’re pregnant, you’re getting sufficient amounts of B vitamins is always very powerful because there’s a lot of different congenital health issues that can come associated with B vitamins. We want to make sure to avoid those different congenital anomalies that we go and make sure we have proper amounts of B vitamins in the body.

Stress & anxiety

This one again is one of those issues that tear me apart. There are so many people who are experiencing chronic stress on a daily basis and instead of going to their doctor and finding some simple solutions, more natural solutions that are really looking for the root cause of some of these problems. They typically find themselves on all these different prescriptions that are leading to all types of different side effects.

And so, as a result, we started using some different natural methods, you know, what’s your diet look like. So anyway, it will help you significantly to go and reduce his stress by going in and taking a B stress complex. So, once again, it’s very important to make sure we have a sufficient amount of B vitamins in the body.