If you want to improve your eyesight naturally without any medicines then this post is for you.

Decrease sugar

We’re probably very familiar with diabetics having all kinds of degenerative issues with their eyes. It’s not just diabetics, it’s people who have blood sugar instability over a long period of time who can have damage to their eyesight.

When we look at sugar it’s the chronic over-consumption of sugar in a lifetime. It’s the chronic insulin being, your insulin people chronically raised over a long period of time and what it does is it doubles the risk of glaucoma, it doubles the risk of developing cataracts at a young age, it causes proliferative retinopathy and it also will cause macular edema.

If we want to improve our eyesight, we have to decrease our sugar and look to alternative options such a Stevia, monk fruit, xylitol and also erythritol. Those are some better options for you but decreasing sugar, even having a diet that has no sugar in it is going to be very beneficial.

Increasing your omega 3 fatty acids

When we look at the omega 3 fatty acids, it’s the main structural component in the grey matter in both the eye and the brain. Now, it also is going to protect the eye. Studies suggest that increasing omega 3 fatty acids protects the eye from dry eye syndrome, from macular degeneration and retina degeneration. Increasing your omega 3 fatty acids is always going to be very beneficial for your eye health.

Increasing antioxidants

There are many studies that are coming out that are showing us today that when you increase antioxidants it’s going to do some really great things for eye health.

Specifically, two antioxidants, two components known as Lutein and Zeaxanthin are very powerful when it comes to eye health. They’re both found in both the retina and the macula. When we increase our intake of these two antioxidants we’re going to see an improvement in our eye health as well. Basically, utilize these. Now, when we look at other options as far as antioxidants that also really help improve eye health, we can look to ginkgo biloba, we can look to green tea extract, we can also look to bilberries and blueberries.

Now, the Lutein and the Zeaxanthin that’s found in leafy green vegetables, but it’s found in very low amounts meaning you would have to eat a lot of them to get a high amount of this. What we recommend is supplementing with them in order to actually get in a large amount of this antioxidant to improve your eye health.

Decrease blue light exposure

Blue light is coming from our cell phones, it’s coming from our TV’s, our computers and our environment. When we look at the different blue light, you probably seen people walking around with those glasses, with the orangish reddish hue on them. They look like they’re from the future. The truth is, is that they’re actually wearing those for a good reason because there’s something called digital eye strain.

When we have digital eye strain essentially what happens is you’re going to have more eye fatigue, it can lead to dry eye syndrome and it can also lead to problems with focusing and now if that wasn’t enough, it also leads to premature macular degeneration which is one of the leading causes of blindness. It causes premature aging of the eyes and it also can cause some retina damage. Anyways, decreasing that blue light exposure is really important.

There are a couple of ways you can do it -:

  • You can actually get those fancy glasses and you don’t have to get the ones with the reddish-orange hue on them. You can actually go to Amazon or something and find a fairly cheap pair of these glasses that have clear lenses and they’ll just have a little bit of blue reflection you’ll see on them. But, they block that blue light that you’re getting from your environment, that’s one way.
  • The other thing is most cell phones actually have an option on them or an app on them that will actually go and decrease the blue light coming from them.
  • Then last if not least, on your computer you can also download an app. One is called f.lux, that’s what I use. It’s f.lux. You can download that on your computer and essentially what it’s going to do it kind of follow the natural color or hue of the sky in the morning throughout the afternoon and at night.

Now, the other reason that blue light is bad for you, other than just your eyesight is simply because what it’s going to do is throw off your natural circadian rhythm or sleep cycle and the way that it’s doing that is by causing your body to believe that it’s a different time of day than what is really is. If it’s late at night and you’re on your computer and that blue light is hitting you essentially your body isn’t going to produce the hormones or produce the hormone melatonin as it should because it’s throwing off our circadian rhythm.

Now, essentially what we have to do is we can wear the blue light blocking glasses, we can spend less time on our devices, use these different apps, and that’s all going to support us in a big way.