This post is going to about boost your confidence or self-esteem in 8 psychology ways

Be more self-aware

You have to own up to your weaknesses and be self-aware of what your insecurities are to become more confident. If your self-esteem is pretty low its most likely because you have a ton of insecurities and you don’t value yourself. It’s a decision you’re going to have to make on your own but to be more confident, you’ll have to own up to all the parts of you that sucks.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Instead, compare yourself to previous versions of yourself that’s actually accurate data to work with so change the understanding of yourself.

Change your thinking

To be more confident you’re definitely going to have to change your thinking. Now there’s a fine line between thinking confidently and thinking arrogantly. If you think arrogantly you’re going to become a scummy person and fall into the pitfalls and failures of an egotistical person. Your goal should be to think positively specifically of yourself. We don’t care how many negative traits you have or claim if you want to be more confident you’re going to have to overlook those and stop focusing on them.

There are a huge big law and personal development called the law of attraction which means the more you focus on something the more it will manifest itself in your life. Focus on your weaknesses and they’ll become worse. Focus on your strengths and Alvaro. Just like the author of the magic of thinking big says “if you focus on something even if it’s insanely out there” like owning a Lamborghini by the end of the year if you truly focus on it your brain will start to find ways to make it happen. It will start focusing on the possibility and the steps you need to take to complete the goal. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have to put it to use and start focusing on the positive in your life and through perception, the negative will start to fade away.

Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself of anything you’ve ever held onto. It helps you grow out of that dark place therein. It’s worth my time to talk about it. It’s not your fault and if it is dwelling over it isn’t going to get you anywhere become a better person and grow from it. Even if it’s just one step to forgive yourself. It’s a step in the right direction.

Cognitive dissonance, some famous psychologist said that if we reduce cognitive dissonance in our lives we become healthier individuals and in turn become more authentic and confident. First cognitive business is when the things that you feel things and say our difference from the actions that you actually take. Cognitive dissonance can happen even without you knowing and becoming more self-aware and knowing the full outcomes of your decisions will help you in this area. Although cognitive dissonance is still technically a series reducing conflict in belief is a basic idea of this tip.

Groom, dress and look nice

So how you look affects your own confidence. If you feel like you’re walking around and bagging close that put down your name you will feel it you will think it and it will come out in your actions. However, some people have noticed that just by wearing more preppy clothes your actions your thoughts will actually change.

Set small goals and achieve them

This is one of the biggest things that got me into the initial confidence that you might need to get out of a really depressed about your life. The idea here is to set goals, achievable goals and make sure you’re always challenging yourself and hitting what your challenges are.

This can turn into arrogance and you’ll be blind to where you can improve. Take the confidence and use it to better yourself, start by setting SMART goals and achieve them.

Hang around with more confident people

This is just common sense and works for anything in life. If you want to be a better account, hang around to other great accounts. If you want to be a great C.O.D player spend time around other C.O.D players. Find people who have already achieved the goals that you want to achieve and spend some time around them. It’s like a shortcut, it’s not a cheat code because everyone has this opportunity. You just have to put in the work the hours in the effort.

To spend your time around people that you want to be like. Remember the saying “you’re the average some of the five people you spend most of your time around in your life”. Well, it’s true, if you want to be more confident start spending more time around more confident people. Also, learn to appreciate everything in the world including yourself. Sometimes it takes falling in love for you to realize that phone can see that there are great things about you there are so many amazing things in this world.

Change your body language

In fact, body language is one of the only things that you can fake it until you make. Your physiological posture will change the hormones in your blood and brain and make you feel more confident. Walk like you’re going somewhere tell your chin up just enough that you’re more confident but not arrogant. Smiling helps a lot since positivity is related to self-esteem. Pull your shoulders back if you’re sitting, keep your legs pointed towards people.

Change the way you look

Although this can delve into long-term. Some people get a sense of security and confidence from fitting in which contradicts our first tip but does work for some people, wearing popular clothes, the newest sunglasses and even wearing a great cologne fragrance, can help increase your temporary confidence.

While making more long-term changes to your body through weightlifting, exercising and diet can also impact your self-esteem levels. This is where being self-aware comes into play. You have to know which style and what you need to do to be more confident and what will be easier for you. Increase confidence by listening hyped up music.