If you feel stress and anxiety, then follow these 6 strategies to feel stressfree.

Analyze the moment

Stressing yourself out about being stressed is not going to boost your mood. You need to try to be patient when you notice yourself feeling stress. Now mindfulness can help us analyze the root cause of our emotions and maybe prevent further emotions of stress. If we can avoid stressful situations, we can also avoid the stress also gently assess your feelings and what events have happened in the past couple of days, weeks or even months. It may have led up to you feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Stress is simply a chemical reaction in the brain and when we understand the root causes of this reaction, events that have happened in your life. We can learn how to address a situation in a calm manner and adjust our behavior to encourage more positive chemical reactions. Stuff like the release of endorphins and serotonin. Stay mindful throughout the day whether you’re stressed or not if you find yourself in a moment where you feel particularly happy or maybe calm. Record that moment write it down and what you’re doing.

Stress relief may vary from person to person. For example, some people feel very calm when they’re taking a shower or maybe performing a tedious task, keep track of these activities or things that make you feel calm. Remember them and resort back to those activities when you find yourself being stressed.

Deep breaths

Even if we feel stressed, we can trick our minds into thinking that was calm cool and collected. When we take deep breaths we send a message to our brain that we’re in a safe environment. Take some time out of your day to focus on your own breaths. The great thing about this exercise is that you can most likely do it whenever and wherever you want. If you find yourself getting distracted or bored while you breathe or maybe even during meditation, try a technique called stair-step breathing. This type of breathing requires constant attention to your own body and mind while you breathe.

Steps to do stair-step breathing -:

  1. Inhale through your nose and direct the breath to fill up your stomach while you count to two.
  2. Continue to inhale and direct the breath to fill up your entire chest while you count to two.
  3. Exhale through the nose and feel the breath leaving your chest while you count to two.
  4. Continue to exhale and feel the breath leaving your stomach while you count to two.
  5. Now, just to repeat these steps over and over again. You can extend the count – two, four, six, eight, and maybe even ten depending on how slowly you breathe.


If you’re stressed, it might be time to hit the gym or maybe even just a little bit of cardio. Exercise helps to boost the release of endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are basically the chemical that makes you feel happy. Now if you’re new to exercise, you don’t have to immediately jump into an intense finish routine and most likely if you do it won’t last very long. Even just a thirty-minute walk around your neighborhood can get you out of your chair and encourage endorphin production. If you are doing a calm exercise remember to breathe deeply and consciously.


Sleep and stress are very closely related but this relationship can often be frustrating. If you’re not sleeping well you may get very stressed and most people that don’t sleep well usually are a little perturbed when they’re woken up.

If you sleep very stressed you might not be able to sleep well. If you need to you can plan out a nap but make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep in your schedule at a time where you won’t have to worry about completing other projects or other people waking you up. Do not put off sleep to complete projects that you can complete the next day. If you can get a full night’s sleep you are more likely to complete the project faster.

Creative activities

Stress relief feels just like that. It should be the relief for many people creative projects are a fun way to stay occupied. A stay may be disconnected from the other types of stress and produce something fun while relieving stress. So find a project or an activity or maybe a fun hobby that will allow you to get rid of all your stress and just enjoy the moment.

You can experiment with different types of creative activities including writing, drawing, painting, sculpting or other things like that. If you’re worried about your own skill level. This is not a good thing because you might stress yourself out, even more, trying to find stress relief. So don’t compare your painting abilities to the person next to you.

If you find yourself stressing out about what other people think of your art then maybe you need to keep your creative activity private at first. Try learning from online tutorials and after a while, you may gain the confidence to branch out and take classes or even join groups with similarly creative people.

Reach out to a friend

We all know someone who can help us relieve stress in an instant. Someone we can go to and talk to. Whether it’s our mother’s voice or our best friend’s laugh. Talking to a person can help us see our situation from a calmer and if this person isn’t available at the moment to watch photos or videos of you and this person together. A simple quick hug can release a ton of serotonin and endorphins in the brain which is both chemicals that make us feel happy.

Remember stress is only a chemical reaction but it can do a ton to your body and your mental health. So with mindfulness conscious action and a few deep breaths. You can put yourself on a road to a stress-free moment.