Juicing in general something I’ve never been a huge fan of just simply because I don’t like stripping all the fiber out of the fruits of the vegetables and just drinking the juice from it. Now a lot of people are juicing a lot of fruits so they’re getting a very high sugar content juice there. When we look at celery juice, in general, it doesn’t have a high sugar content and you’re getting a lot of nutrients so you know once again it’s not a bad thing with the celery juice but still, the fiber does have benefits so take that into consideration.

Nutrient profile

You’re gonna find in this celery juice is gonna be things like vitamins A, C, and K. Folate, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, flavonoids, beta-carotene, phytonutrients, lots of great antioxidants which have an incredible good impact on the body and then 40 calories per half a cup. So it’s gonna be very low calorie a lot of people are drinking celery juice in the morning and claiming that they’re getting a lot of great benefits.

When we look at a lot of these different nutrients in here once again some reduce is very popular right but if we juice vegetables, in general, we’re going to get and find a lot of these great nutrients within them. So you know you finding all these nutrients is not specific only to the celery juice.


Increase hydration

It’s a great drink in the morning because you’re going to be able to get all those electrolytes in your body and help with that hydration process and after you are sleeping and not drinking water all night this is can be highly beneficial. One of the things that a lot of people are claiming is supporting their digestive health and helping in a big way and so you know once again lots of isolated cases out there but when we look at the research there’s not a lot on the digestive problems and celery juice.

Decrease inflammation

Decreasing inflammation is going to help decrease a lot of symptoms people are having make them feel better, a lot of aches and pains are gonna start to go away.

Decreasing free radicals and oxidative stress

Decreasing free radicals and oxidative stress is very important as well because when we look at a lot of these diseases like chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease. You know it’s an inflammatory problem a free radical problem in a problem with a lot of oxidative stress building up over the years. So take that into consideration as well.

Decrease blood pressure

This is something that’s a little bit of a controversy on this topic because when we look at blood pressure the high research thing that is coming from celery is to celery seed extract which you’re not gonna actually find in the celery juice. So when we look at decreasing blood pressure we have found a study that actually says “yes, in fact, celery juice will do it, but it’s not because it’s from celery seed extract”. It’s actually because it’s from the high potassium content.

There’s a lot of isolated cases of people going and saying “I started drinking celery juice every single morning and as a result, my blood pressure went down over 30 or 60 days”. A lot of people are claiming that yes they did get good blood pressure benefits from it helping decrease it but according to the research the benefit is coming from the actual potassium content, not the celery seed extract. This is where people are getting confused and this is where like in general on the internet once again people are correlating celery juice to having all these benefits but they’re forgetting there’s the celery seed extract there’s the fiber involved in it and you’re not having either of those within the celery juice. So that’s where it gets a little confusing.