In this post, we will telling you about the 6 secret benefits of MCT oil.              MCT” stands for “Medium Chain Trglycerides”.

Weight loss

You would think that how is that possible. Well, the reason it is because the weight MCT’s are processed they go through your liver and when they go through your liver they’re actually converted to something called ketones. Ketosis is actually a good thing to go into. When you convert your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner, it actually creates a fat burning furnace inside your body. They’re not being stored as fat, so empty MCT oils tend to not get stored as fat instead they’re used as a fuel source.

Studies show that MCTS suppress fat deposition. So you don’t want to be depositing fats because of advanced thermogenesis, your body will not store fats that it takes in as an MCT. Not only that it avoids fat oxidation. You don’t want fats getting rancid and oxidizing in your body they become toxic. In other words, because they’re converted to ketones it gives you the same benefits of being on a ketogenic diet.

Studies also show that capric acid that’s the ten carbon chain. It is effective in burning fat for energy improves thyroid function and suppresses appetite. That’s a fantastic thing. Anytime you can improve thyroid function which is one of the glands in your body and that helps regulate your metabolism.

Improves energy

So a lot of athletes are finding today’s, they’re getting away from having all the starches. They’re not using the old adage of just that “I’m going to eat a pound or two a pasta” Before a race. Now, what they’re doing is they’re understanding that the body uses ketones from the MCT oils is a cleaner fuel source. So because it’s a much cleaner energy source and burns better and has a thermogenic effect. They’re using that because it also lasts longer as an energy source, then the sugars that are in the starches from pasta. They’re so easily digestible MCTS produce longer sustained energy and increases your metabolism.

Great for memory

It’s a better energy source for your brain. Most of you will think that your brain only runs off glucose but that’s not the truth. In fact, it runs even better and what you’ll notice with this is that when you’re taking in sugars it can cause an up-and-down effect. That’s why your body goes through these stages of high and low energy. Next thing you know you’re looking for the next sweet drink or Cola or looking for a donut or something because your body is not on good energy. It’s a very poor fuel source what we call a dirty fuel source. When you’re using things like sugars, bread, rice, pasta, cereals, Donuts, bagels, cookies, all these things are not really good for you to eat at all.

A better fuel source for your brand is MCT oils. They are converted into ketones and they’re an excellent fuel source for the brain preferred over glucose. Ketones have also been shown to help Alzheimer’s and Seizure patients.

Prevents heart disease and high blood pressure

MCTS have been shown to be very anti-inflammatory. It increases HDL cholesterol, so anytime you can increase that HDL cholesterol, those high-density lipoproteins it’s got a great effect on the heart. Researchers also show that lauric and capric acid helped lower resting heart rate. Researchers at the Journal of bioanalysis and biomedicine said this consumption of coconut oil shows lauric acid which is a major component. In fact most of it is lauric acid enhances the high-density lipoprotein and decreases the total LDL cholesterol ratio which results in decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. This study was done in 2014 and saying that it helps reduce heart disease and reduce blood pressure. It’s very very healthy for your heart. So you want to definitely include these in your diet.

Improves digestion and nutrient absorption

MCT oils have been proven that they are very very powerful and very good and very beneficial to our microbiome. All the bacteria that are in our intestines do very very well on MCT oil rather than the sugars. Both MCT oil and coconut oil are beneficial and balancing the bacteria in the gut and the microbiome.

Turns out that has positive effects on our digestive system energy expenditure, we use a tremendous amount of energy on our digestive system. Why not make it easier for you helped about the gut microbiome the bacteria the bugs in our gut, helped them do their job easier by using MCT oil to help of digestion.