There is no doubt that paleo and keto are the most followed diets in this world. Paleo diet is really the way our ancestors ate. It’s not come up recently. So, today we will be talking about its benefits, what to eat, what not to eat and much more.

Benefits of the paleo diet

Weight loss

We see weight loss and that’s what so many people want today. Maybe you’re out there looking for that yourself. It really comes from the fact that you’re transitioning from the processed foods to the more nutrient dense nutrient-rich foods of the Paleo diet. It really has a lot to do with satiety feeling full and once again it comes from the fact that you’re eating a lot more nutrient-dense foods so your body is getting nutrients and it feels fuller.

High protein

Well, high protein has been linked to tissue repair, muscle building, better immune system function, regulating your blood sugar better, and it also helps with insulin resistance.

Reduces inflammation

Once again paleo is not about having grains in your diet. So, when you remove those grains it reduces a lot of the inflammation that’s associated with high grains and high omega-6 foods. Because you’re eating a lot more vegetables, it has a lot more antioxidants. Those antioxidants fight off of course free radicals.

Corrects nutrient deficiencies

Like we said before that paleo diet is all about nutrient-dense foods making sure you’re getting top quality foods the best ones that have the most nutritional value. The fats are also high-quality fats, high-quality proteins, there are no empty calories in this.

Regulates blood sugar

The grains will make your blood sugar spike up and down. So this helps to regulate blood sugar because whenever you put the proteins in your body and the healthy fats. You will regulate blood sugar levels better along with your fibrous is literally no cereals or no grains in this type of diet.

Animal protein

Proteins are always big on this diet, especially when it comes from animal sources. So your eggs, fish, especially fatty fish and some things like that are high quality in proteins. Don’t worry about the cholesterol in the eggs.

Healthy fats and oils

Now, we are not talking about vegetable oil or any other type of oil. These oils are typically your polyunsaturated fatty acids. When they’re polyunsaturated, they’re very unstable. So, as a result, they typically are high in omega-6. They’re rancid and oxidize very quickly. So you want to avoid those.

You have to stick with the saturated fats which come from typically your animal sources or the monounsaturated fatty acids, which are typically your olive oil things like that. So your olive oil, avocados, your nuts like hazelnuts are very good, walnuts you want, Brazil nuts. These nuts are a great quality to eat and try to eat raw if possible. The fish are typically high in omega-3.

Non-starchy vegetables

Vegetables like kale, collards, asparagus, peppers, broccoli, spinach. All things are very very good, eat them as much as you can. One of the great things about the Paleo diet is that it’s so high in vegetables. You can eat all the vegetables you want because vegetables virtually have no calories. There’s only about a hundred calories a pound. So you can you can eat as much as you want. Just use oil in the end but don’t use any vegetable oil. Just go with the olive or avocado oil. Just sprinkle it at the end.

Starchy vegetables

Well, you can have starchy vegetables on the Paleo diet. Vegetables like squash, zucchini, pumpkins and things like that all these are fair game. They all carry an amazing amount of nutrients, especially the ones that the most colored because they have the bioflavonoids. So the most colorful vegetables are always better for you very high in antioxidants.


Eating fruits is not good in keto but you can have it on paleo especially your berries. Berries are always going to be better. Now, this doesn’t mean that you only eat berries or fruits, it means you have your high glycemic index fruits. Make sure you’re having more the low glycemic fruits. Things like green apple, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc.

We will recommend you that sometimes you should combine keto and paleo and get the best of both. Most people look at keto like it’s a little bit restrictive and in paleo as it gives you a little bit more of your lifestyle. In paleo, you can have more variety of food than keto. Personally, my paleo diet is low in carb, its like keto diet on steroids.

No to dairy

Paleo is all about eating in a simple way. Why dairies really not on the Paleo diet, because it is processed food. Paleo is all about eating like ancestors, which were so back in past and at that time the food was not processed. They used to drink milk directly from animals. So that’s the major reason to not having dairy things in the paleo diet.

No to grains

No grains, not in keto or paleo diet but paleo definitely forbids grains. It forbids cereals, you don’t want anything like that because these are things that weren’t grown back. Thing like these is more in recent years. This was not agriculturally around during the Paleolithic period. So it wasn’t what our ancestors are made to eat and of course, it’s linked to a lot of diseases today. When you get into the grains they’re really high in omega-6 and rather in omega-3. They are inflammatory not to mention if you have gluten sensitivity.

No to beans & legumes

Beans and legumes are not on paleo. Now, this doesn’t mean that beans and legumes are bad for you. They are very high in carbs. Most of the people think that beans are all about protein but it’s not. This is not about that it is good for your health or not. It is again the same thing that it wasn’t what our ancestors ate. We have to be like our ancestors.

Stay away from processed carbs

These things are bad for you whether you’re doing keto, paleo or any diet. If you are trying to lose weight and eating these kinds of products, especially if you are eating late at night, then, of course, you will gain weight.

You have to avoid these products because they are high in inflammatory, omega-6. The oils which are used in these products are terrible. They are bad carbs, which are also bad for your health, they don’t even have nutritional value. Paleo is all about high nutrient density and keeping it as simple.