Do you have a habit of regularly skipping breakfast? If yes, pay attention to this discussion. Medical experts have constantly emphasized that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well; there is more than just energizing our body to tackle any activity that comes your way. Below are some side effect attributed by regularly skipping breakfast.

10 Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast

It Linked to Weight Gain

People have a perception that skipping breakfast will help them shed off excessive weight. Well; this is quite the opposite. People who regularly skip breakfast are likely to have different cravings. Most of these cravings revolve around fatty and sugary products. Additionally, they will eat anything that comes their way sometimes in an effort to quench their hunger. Sugary and fatty products are directly linked with weight gain, after used for a long period. This is because your body calories and cholesterol levels will increase.

It Might Trigger Hair Loss

Do you know you can systematically lose your hair by regularly skipping a healthy breakfast? Protein plays a crucial role in taking care of our hair. This is in terms of growth and the general appearance. Regularly skipping a healthy breakfast reduces the level of protein intake in the body. This might interfere with normal growth of your hair and eventually trigger hair loss. A nutritious breakfast is vital as it enhances the growth of our hair follicles.

Skipping Meals Worsens Hangover

You will experience an extreme hangover if you had a couple of alcoholic drinks overnight and skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast is one of the techniques you can use to get rid of extreme hangover. A healthy breakfast contains vital elements such as vitamins, iron and other minerals. These elements help the body recover any lost nutrient. A nutritious breakfast also pumps in new energy. The sugar levels of a person normally go down after heavily drinking. This is what causes nausea and headaches. Therefore, don’t skip a healthy breakfast after consumption of any alcoholic drink.

It Affects Normal Cognitive Functioning

Studies reveal that people who regularly take a healthy breakfast enhances their cognitive function. This is quite the opposite with people who regularly skip breakfast. It was discovered that people who regularly skip their meals tend to lose some sort of visual accuracy. Normal cognitive function affects both adults and teenagers.

It Negatively Impacts Both our Energy Levels and Mood

Breakfast is considered an essential meal as it gives us the energy to soldier on while handling different tasks. In addition to these, a healthy breakfast also affects our physiological behavior. People who frequently skip breakfast tend to have low energy levels. Consequently, their moods tend to fluctuate throughout the day. People who skip breakfast tend to have high fatigue levels if they handle demanding tasks. Low energy levels are attributed to poor memory performance. Therefore, frequently take breakfast.

You Risk Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Medical studies reveal that people who frequently skip breakfast are at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes when compared to those who regularly take healthy breakfast. This can be worse if you are working without eating.

It is Bad for the Heart

Do you know that skipping breakfast increases the risk of sustaining heart attack? A healthy breakfast rich in different supplements maintains and also reduces the possibilities of contracting heart attacks. Regular skipping of breakfast increases hypertension that triggers clogging of arteries. This increases the possibility of contracting various cardiovascular conditions.

You Risk contracting Cancer

People who skip a nutritious meal are likely to have uncontrolled cravings throughout the day. In most instances, these cravings revolve around sugary and junk food. This is unhealthy eating and might trigger obesity. Obese people risk developing Cancer.

You Risk Developing Migraine

Skipping a healthy breakfast triggers low blood sugar. In terms, the body releases hormones to try and regulate the low sugar level. This is risky as it increases the blood pressure in the body. In turn, this brings out headaches and migraine.

It Affects your Metabolism

Skipping Breakfast Affects your Metabolism

People need breakfast to jump start their metabolism. People who regularly partake a healthy breakfast are likely to attain a high resting metabolism.

Let us cross over and look at what a healthy breakfast entails:

  • Calcium plays a vital role in our nervous system and the well being of our bones. Calcium also helps strengthen our teeth and enhances our muscles. Focus on dairy products as they are rich in calcium. A perfect example is milk and cheese, among others.
  • Lean Protein- Ensure your breakfast comprises products rich in lean protein. Lean protein will keep you energized as you run various errands. Additionally, it keeps your sugar levels intact.

Don’t take breakfast for the sake of taking it. Instead, focus on a nutritious meal. A healthy breakfast poses numerous positive benefits.