Today, we will be talking about the 8 diets and this will guide you that which diet you should take.

Three-hour diet

The three diets require you to eat five times a day. It recommends more lean foods and less fatty foods but all of your favorite sweet and salty foods are still allowed. You were just allowed to eat them at strict times. By eating these small meals every three hours. You are boosting your body’s fat-burning potential.

This data comes with 4 rules -:

  1. To eat breakfast within an hour of waking up.
  2. To eat every three hours after you eat breakfast.
  3. To stop eating three hours before bedtime.
  4. To stick to recommended portion sizes that you are eating.

Your meals should average to 400 calories, snacks should make up a hundred of those calories and your dessert should be around 50 calories. This makes a total of one thousand 450 calories a day.

This diet will helpful for some people to lose 10 pounds in the first two weeks and two pounds every week after that while still keeping your fat-burning muscle tissue.

This requires medium effort and all that you have to do is plan out the meal times 100 calorie snacks ahead of time. The main thing is to worry about is your portion control.

Cookie diet

This diet literally only requires cookies. So shopping will be a breeze. However, you don’t just get to eat any cookies. You have to choose and buy specific cookies for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

This diet does require medium effort on your part and if you don’t like the idea of eating cookies or eating the same thing every day then this diet probably isn’t for you. Dinner is the one thing that you can cook your own but just remember that portion sizes do still matter. The point of this diet is to take in fewer calories which will, in turn, allow for more weight loss. The only downfall of this diet is the price of the diet cookies. Some companies charge up to 250 to 300 dollars for a two-week supply which can be very costly over a period of time. Anyways exercises also encouraged but is not specified the cookie diet works well for super busy people who want to lose a little weight.

Fat flush diet

The fat flush diet combines weight loss and detox into a low carb restricted calorie diet. The theory was at the right combination of foods and a specific eating schedule will increase your metabolism and cause your body to burn fatter efficiently but you must first eat toxify your liver and lymphatic system to function better.

This diet comes in three different phases -:

  1. The detox phase, where you get to drink 8 glasses of cranberry juice and water mixture a day. Your calorie intake is restricted to 1,100 to 1,200 calories a day.
  2. The ongoing phase, which is designed to continue weight loss in this phase your calorie intake is slightly raised and allows certain carbs to be added back into the diet.
  3. Lifestyle, eating this plan is designed for lifetime weight control. This step also seems the most reliable and you could probably skip all the other steps and still achieve the same results but over a longer period of time. it again slowly raises the number of carbs allowed a day and has a ratio of forty percent carbs thirty percent protein and thirty percent fat.

Exercise is also very important as the first two phases require minimal exercise, just 20 to 30 minute daily walks. The third phase, however, requires increased amounts of exercise such as weightlifting and even more running.

Skinny bitch diet

Skinny Bitch diet also is known as the military diet. This diet is for those who need to shed weight fast to look at on that upcoming vacation or to fit into that little black dress on Friday. Some people reported losing 10 or more pounds in just a week which is not technically healthy but can be possible with this three-day diet.

The best part about this diet is that you don’t have to count your calories or hunt down any weird or odd food the diet is clearly laid out each meal and each day in the proprietary Skinny Bitch book. Your meals will be very cheap quick an easy to prepare which makes him so much more convenient. This diet is low in calories so you feel very hungry at first but it only lasts for three days. After the three days is up the key is to not just go crazy and eat whatever but to stay under 1500 calories a day for the next four days and then begin the three-day diet again.

On the Skinny Bitch diet, you’re at a risk of lack of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. So this could be unhealthy. Many people that have been on this diet reported that it makes them feel angry deprived overwhelmed and frustrated. We do not recommend this diet as it could be easy to put your body into starvation mode.

South beach diet

This diet helps you learn to choose the right carbs and the right fats. Instead of not consuming them all. This diet is a three-step program diet. The effort required for the south beach diet is medium, you don’t need to spend your time counting calories or figuring percentages. This diet does not depend on any exercise and you can find all of your food at local stores and restaurants.

It comes with 3 phases -:

  1. The most restrictive, it calls for a lot of proteins, some fats, and limited amounts of food with a high glycemic index. This phase restricts fruits alcohol dairy products starches and any kind of fruit juices.
  2. introduce carbs back into your diets, such as fruits whole grain pasta rice and bread and potatoes. At this point, you should expect to lose one two three pounds a week.
  3. The main concern is maintaining your weight. In this phase, there is no restriction on what you can and cannot eat but by this time you should be able to make complete healthy choices on your own but if your cravings come back then return to phases one and two.

Vegan diet

Along with not eating fish meat or eggs in the vegan diet. You also cannot eat any animal products. Now, this can significantly lower your options of food. The key to this diet is your variety of foods. This diet lacks fats which help prevent you from getting chronic diseases.

The vegan diet also meets the amount of daily protein needed but does not meet the standard amounts of some vitamins such as vitamin D. So people on this diet are urged to be out in the Sun, more often you should meet your recommended amounts of daily calcium and while on this diet also. If you plan on starting the vegan diet you will also need a b12 supplement to take daily since you’re not consuming enough animal products that contain this.

The vegan diet does not have to cost more either and it can actually be a lot cheaper than your normal shopping depending on where you live. The key is to not replace animal products with junk food and stick to your fruits and vegetables

Raw food diet

Your oven gets a rest on this diet, no cooking is needed. For the raw food diet, you will be eating mostly uncooked unprocessed, mostly organic foods. Your food can be cold or even warm on this diet. The temperature just cannot go above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The level of effort required for this diet is high because you’ll need to amp up your cooking skills. Eating out can be difficult and you may have to change your shopping location to get a wider selection of items. You also will need to cook your foods very carefully because it is known that uncooked foods can be linked to foodborne illnesses and because of this risk it is not recommended for pregnant women smaller children or senior citizens.

The raw food diet tends to be a bit more expensive, simply because of fresh vegetables and other fresh ingredients. However, this diet does help you control your blood pressure and is slow and sodium.

Blood type diet

So the blood type diet is designed to help you get healthier by eating a diet based on your blood type. The Creator says that if you can follow a diet based on your blood type then your food will digest more efficiently. You’ll lose more weight and it will even help prevent disease. The level of effort required for this diet is high because some blood types may mean you have a very restrictive diet. If you do not know your blood type you will need to figure that out before you can do this diet.

So here is what is recommended for each blood type -:

  • Type O blood. Type O requires a high protein, heavy and lean meat. poultry fish and vegetables you should also be light on grains beans and a dairy. It is also recommended that people take supplements to help with stomach issues and other things that people with type O typically have.
  • Type A blood. This diet is a meat-free diet that focuses mainly on your fruits and vegetable beans and whole grain. It is better to get these things fresh and organic because people with type A blood tend to have a more sensitive immune system.
  • Type B blood. You should avoid wheat and buckwheat. You should also avoid corn lentils tomatoes peanuts and some sesame seeds. Chicken is also something discouraged in this diet. The author of this diet encourages eating low-fat dairy products eggs certain meats and green vegetables.
  • Type AB blood. You should focus on tofu seaweed dairy greens and vegetables. The author of this diet says that people with type A B blood tend to have low stomach acid and you should also avoid caffeine alcohol in any cured meat.