This post is about the egg diet plan and we will cover all the details about the eggs.

Egg nutrition

In the egg diet, we don’t think that eggs are bad by any means some people are freaked out by this whole thing because they’re afraid that the eggs are gonna raise their cholesterol, causes them to have a heart attack and so many other terrible things. Eggs are completely healthy.

They’re loaded with choline which is good for the brain vitamins A, B, and D. Also antioxidants which are very important for overall health. They’re high in fat, protein, and they also contain 77 calories per egg, so that’s kind of you know basic nutritional profile of the egg.

Lean protein

Now, when we look at the egg diet in general, first of all, it’s a diet that is predominantly based on eggs but it allows for some other things first of all lean proteins include eggs, chicken, fish, and turkey. When we look at the lean proteins here, you know once again we’re sticking towards a very few different ones you know not a huge array.

Veggies & fruits

What you can also eat on the egg diet because there are other foods involved in the egg diet than just eggs. First, there’s veggies and fruit and when we look at the veggies we’re sticking to the low carbohydrate veggies. So the broccoli, zucchini, spinach, kale.

Now, grapefruit is added in that for a couple of reasons. first, it’s a low glycemic index fruit but also the other reason is it helps to boost up your metabolism. A lot of people are doing this to try to lose weight.

Extreme egg diet

Here, you’re eating just eggs. The benefits some of the benefits that people are finding is first of all incredible weight loss which is great. Also, a lot more energy so they just feel better every single day able to get out of bed would just you know have that energy throughout the entire day. Then also they notice that they’re eating a clean diet.

If you are eating a standard American diet or just a standard diet in general and you clean up your act and you remove carbohydrates, processed foods, and you know sugar and all these things that you shouldn’t be eating in the first place and you start following the egg diet well, of course, you’re gonna get great results. You’re gonna feel great.

The extreme egg diet, personally, I am NOT a fan of that at all. That’s just eating plain eggs. There are a couple of reasons that I’m not a fan of this. First of all, is because you’re not gonna get a good nutrient profile, you’re gonna be just getting the nutrients that come from eggs which you know is good but it’s not great. you know you’re not going to get the same nutrient profile that you’re gonna get from eating kale and broccoli and spinach and good meats.

Eggs happens to be very high on the list for many people and a lot of people also have leaky gut, so when they over consume a particular food it causes more autoimmune issues as these large particles of the food are getting into the bloodstream and so eating just eggs day after day or eating any food day after day is never a good idea. I’m always a big fan of diet variation and so you know if you’re gonna do the egg diet to kind of get you out of a bad place and move to a good clean wholesome diet and then continue moving towards achieving your goals all for it.


If we were to take someone who’s on the ketogenic diet or a good little carb diet that they would go to the egg diet. So basically what we are saying is that people are getting great results just because they’re cleaning up their diet. The egg diet, in general, is that something we think you should follow for a long period of time. Absolutely not it’s very strict and it’s just a little unnecessary to do for a long period of time. If you need that just to help clean up your act and get you in the right place. We think that after you do maybe the egg diet for a week or two. You can just go into a good low carb diet or a more keto based diet.