In this post, we are going to tell about 12 essential oils of the Bible.


As a single oil, in terms of a word, it is the most referenced essential oil of the Bible, referenced I believe 67 times or more in the Bible. But frankincense is known to reduce inflammation.

If you’re a person out there with joint discomfort, any type of ankle pain, frankincense is great. It actually contains compounds that actually help calm the brain and nerve system. This alpha-Pinene compound has been shown to be great for things like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, other brain-related issues.

It’s great for meditation. It’s great for overall, as I mentioned, also supporting the immune system. So use frankincense as an everyday oil.


When the Three Wise Men brought baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh, Mary may have in fact used myrrh because it’s actually a great antiseptic, reducing infection. It’s great for naturally balancing hormones.

And actually, in certain studies, myrrh oil has been shown to be more powerful than frankincense at fighting and killing cancer. And if you want to know the two most powerful oils of the Bible for killing cancer cells, frankincense and myrrh ranked number one and number two.


Now, in the Bible, if you go back to the Old Testament, you’ll reference and read about the holy anointing oil. That was a mixture of myrrh, of calamus, of cassia, of cinnamon, and olive oil.

Cinnamon oil is antimicrobial. It’s also great for blood sugar balance, and it is great for naturally killing off things like mold and general cleansing.


Now hyssop is not an oil or an herb that we tend to use much today, in North America. It’s still used in the Middle East today, but if you want to get an oil that’s very similar to hyssop, thyme essential oil would probably be the closest thing that we have easy access of today. So thyme or oregano, after that would be the next closest oil to hyssop.


Cedarwood it’s referenced by King Solomon at bringing wisdom. And in terms of today, when you look at studies on cedarwood, it’s been shown to help ADHD and support memory.

So if you are a student or you are doing anything. And you want to support wisdom and memory and brainpower, cedarwood, one of the ultimate essential oils. I love just diffusing cedarwood on a regular basis, as well.


Now, spikenard may have in fact, in the Bible, been lavender oil, but either way though, they are very close cousins, spikenard and lavender. This oil is great for reducing stress, it’s great for reducing inflammation.

When Mary Magdalene broke the bottle of nard and literally washed Jesus’ feet with her hair, they said that the bottle was worth a year’s wages. That was spikenard or lavender oil mixed with fat, used as an ointment during those days.

And so all things stress-related, also for burns and cuts and scrapes. If you think about Jesus’ feet, they actually may have had cuts and scrapes on them, as well, from all the walking they did during that time. But spikenard and lavender, amazing oil of the body for healing the skin and calming the emotions.


Now Cassia, actually, is the highest essential oil in cinnamaldehyde. And cinnamaldehyde is known to balance out blood sugar levels, have a warming effect on the body. It’s great to use during a cold and flu time, great to diffuse in the air to naturally cleanse the air. And this is one of the key components, as well, of the holy anointing oil.


Now when you read about sandalwood in the Bible, this is referenced throughout Song of Songs, it’s referenced in Proverbs as well, and throughout the Old Testament, but they tend to call it aloes. So when you read aloe or aloes in the Bible, what they’re actually talking about is sandalwood.

Sandalwood has actually been shown to fight skin cancer. It’s also been shown to act as a natural libido booster. It’s also been shown to improve motivation. And so sandalwood is a natural aphrodisiac that’s also great for the skin. And for men and women, it was also used as a natural perfume, or fragrance, deodorant, cologne, tend to have all of those benefits and used widely today.


Calamus is actually a root. I’ve learned this recently, it’s actually known as German ginger. And it tends to have a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits. And so it’s almost like grass, like a shoot, coming out of the ground, they take the root of it, but really, really strong in terms of reducing inflammation.

Also, it acts as a natural insect repellent. It has antiviral properties when you’re looking at Calamus. And so again, calamus was another oil that was used as the holy anointing oil.

Rose of Sharon

Now, this isn’t actually what we would consider a rose in North America, today, but it is a floral oil that would help improve mood. Rose of Sharon is referenced by King Solomon. It was potentially used as well by Queen Esther.

But it, again, was a floral oil which would’ve been an oil. Most floral oils are going to improve the mood, they’re going to help reduce anxiety, help reduce depression, and also be incredible for helping heal the skin. So anti-aging, used it as a beauty regimen, Rose of Sharon would have been used.


Galbanum is actually an oil that is very good for really supporting respiratory health, draining the lymphatic system. Not a really well well-known oil, but good for those reasons.


Cypress and cedarwood, one of those two trees, it’s debated where one of the two types of trees that Jesus was hung on, in terms of a cross. So cedarwood, they believe probably. Most referenced though is cypress.

And Cypress is actually known for spinal health, and a lot of massage therapists will actually take cypress and they’ll actually rub that up and down the spinal column. It is also known to actually help the bones, joints, and ligaments. And of all oils, it’s known to be the best for circulation. If you sprain an ankle or have an injury, cypress is powerful.

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