In this post, we’re talking about the health benefits of baking soda. This is a really incredible topic because this is a really simple remedy that most people have right in their kitchen that they didn’t know had so many uses. Especially when it comes to their health so let’stalk about this topic.


Oral hygiene

Many toothpastesactually have baking soda in it and it’sfor a good reasonand so you can use it for plaque removalit’s known to whiten your teeth up andyou can also use it as a mouthwashbecause it acts as an antibacterial andantimicrobial which is very powerful foryou know avoiding cavities. When welook at using it for plaque removal andwhitening your teeth you can actuallyjust take your toothbrush dip it intosome baking soda and then brush it. So it has a little bit of an abrasivequality to it that it’s gonna helpwhiten your teeth up and remove thatplaque.


A lotof people like to make natural deodorantbecause many of the deodorants in thestore are full of different chemicalsand toxins. You know putting thosedifferent toxins and chemicals in yourarmpit every day is not going to helpimprove your health in any way. So whenpeople go and make their own deodorantthey’ll use baking soda in many casesbecause it’s a natural deodorizer.

Putting some baking soda with coconutoil and some other different mixturesyou can make your own homemade deodorant.You can look up some recipes onlineas to how you can make that if that’ssomething you’re interested in but onceagain it’s a great natural deodorant.

Kidney disease

It’s verypowerfulfor your kidney health and typicallywhen we look at people who are sufferingfrom kidney disease essentially they’regonna have a buildup of lactic acid inthe body and essentially it leads tometabolic acidosis. This is a bigproblem and so using the baking sodawill help buffer this acid and balancethe pH. In a study what they found was iswith 134 adults with chronic kidneydisease. They supplemented with bakingsoda and there were 36 percent lesslikely to have to develop rapid kidneyfailure. So this is something that isvery very critical for someone who issuffering from a kidney problem. Usingsome baking soda isvery powerful in this case so what youdo is you just mix it up in some waterdrink it and it’s gonna help your kidneyhealth.

Especially if you’re sufferingfrom some sort of kidney disease andwhen we look at the kidneys if you’resuffering from high blood pressure, diabetesor any of these things that actuallytear up the kidneys. You want to makesure that you’re working to reverse them.So you don’t have to think about chronickidney disease.


Many forward-thinking doctorsthat deal with cancer in many cases arehaving their patients go and drink somewater with baking soda in it becausebasically it’s gonna increase the pH ofthe acidic tumors and help stop themfrom metastasizing. So it’s going toinhibit that metastasis and it’s goingto help reverse this cancer problem.Basically like we said forward-thinkingdoctors are utilizing this when it comesto cancer in their patients.


There’s many reasons thatpeople suffer from heartburn. Some ofthem are stress greasy foods overeatingstomach alkalinity and late nightsnacking. Now when you look at bakingsoda we can use this to help reduce theheartburn. Now we always say that you knowusing the baking soda is a short-termproblem and the reason we say it’s ashort-term problem is because typicallywhen you have heartburn is due tostomach alkalinity and the stomach justisn’t functioning correctly.

When wewant to go in reverse heartburn manypeople are actually using apple cidervinegar. They’re putting acid on whatmost people perceive to be as an acidproblem and it actually helps.What we want to do is if we’re going touse the baking soda, we use it in orderto just help in the short term in thenow but it’s not a long-term solution. Itis known to help for heartburn but justnot a long-term solution.

Sports performance

When we look at sportsperformance. This is pretty cool becausewhat happens is as you’re working outhard you build a black thick acid andthat leads to fatigue in the musclegroups. So if you use baking soda,it’s going to help raise the pH andbuffer that lactic acid. The studiesshow is that people who are performingathletically or at a high level we’reable actually to actually last withintheir workout four and a half minuteslonger when drinking some baking sodawater prior to the workout.

Skin conditions

Skin condition is something thatbaking soda has been knownhelp with significantly. It’s almost anyskin condition you know whether it’slike psoriasis or even you know insectbites bug stings rashes and evensunburns and so what we can do is we canmake a paste. We can put that paste on theskin and it helps out significantly.

How to use it?

When we lookat like sports performance or doing amouth rinse or maybe kidney disease andcancer. What we want to do is we want tomix one the two teaspoons in an 8 ounceglass of water. Mix that up drink it andthat’s how we’re gonna get the benefitor just swish it around in your mouth. Ifyou’re doing using it as a mouthwash.

Wealso can make a pace and you just take alittle bit of water a little bit ofbaking soda or you can even use bakingsoda in coconut oil mix maybe even alittle bit of essential oils in theremake that paste put it on the skin andit’s going to be very soothing andreally help heal some of these differentskin conditions that you might be facingor some of these may be stings or bugbites.

Then also we can mix 1 to 2cupsin bath water that’s also very healingfor any type of skin condition and rashsunburn. Those are the ways thatyou can use baking soda to improve yourhealth.