Energizing Exercises

Keeping fit isn’t easy as many perceive. You need to work out in order to attain your desired fitness level. Exercise also keeps you healthy. Simply choose a workout routine and be consistent with it until you attain your desired results. Exercising in the morning before starting your day can get you on the right mood. Here are some six energizing and breathtaking exercises to try out immediately you wake up.

6 Energizing Exercises to Do When You Wake Up

Jumping Jacks

Energizing Exercises
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Jumping jacks is a very simple and easy to perform move. People who have never performed this exercise routine can comfortably perform it. Additionally, you simply need an open space tom perform this cardio exercise. Jumping jacks workout targets specific muscles on the body. This increases the general functioning and the strength of your muscles. That’s not all this cardio exercise also helps in burning excessive fat in the body. Here is a step by step guideline on how to perform this workout routine.

  • Stand straight with your legs together. Commence and bend your knees.
  • Place both hands on your thighs
  • Start opening your legs towards the sides while keeping your knees bent. You should also start opening your arms. Direct your arms above your head.
  • Return back to the back and repeat the entire move until you get exhausted.

Jumping jacks workout enhances the overall performance of your heart.

Fast Feet

Energizing Exercises
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This is one of the most powerful workout routines on this list. Fast feet workout is considered one of the most effective ways of burning calories. It falls under the category of high intensity interval training. Performing this routine at least thrice a week will help you attain your desired results within a short period. Don’t expect instant results immediately you commence this high intensity interval training. Be patient and keep exercising. People experience results differently. Some people start attaining results within a short period; whereas others take a while.

You should also pay attention to your diet. Your diet determines if you will attain your fitness levels or not. A healthy diet ensures you replace fat with muscles. Consequently, a healthy diet gives you the energy to perform fast feet routine.

  • Start off by in an athletic position. Your hips should be low and your shoulders wide apart.
  • Push through your Feet’s ball and run.
  • Repeat the same procedure over and over.

Forearm Plank

Energizing Exercises
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Forearm plank exercise routine works on your core muscles. Continuous practice of this workout routine guarantees you a stronger low back. This routine also helps in body stabilization. Anyone struggling with belly fat should consider this marvelous energizing routine. Here is how to perform this routine.

  • Lay flat on a mat or flat surface.
  • Separate your legs from each other. Your feet should be width apart from each other. Move on and press your ball toes on the ground.
  • Rest your forearm on the floor by bending your elbows. Direct your palms closer so that you feel comfortable performing this routine.
  • Maintain a straight back throughout the exercise. Try your best and tighten your abdominal while performing this workout routine.
  • Proceed and lift both your thighs and hips off the ground. Don’t swing your hips too high or too low.
  • Take a deep breath before returning to your original position.

Pilates Roll-Up

Energizing Exercises
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Pilates roll up exercise is an intermediate exercise. It targets your abdominal muscles. This is the reason this exercise has a wide range of motions. You should have strong core muscle to efficiently perform this routine once you wake up.

  • Use a mat or a flat surface for this workout. Proceed and lay on your back. Your legs should be straight
  • Relax your shoulders before taking a couple of deep breaths. Slowly straighten your arms over your head and back.
  • Swiftly drop your chin as your arm passes near your ear. Afterwards, take in a deep breath.
  • Curl your body in an over and up motion. Pull your abs inwards as you breathe out.
  • Try and reach your toes. Return to your starting posture and repeat the entire workout over and over.

Bicycle Crunches

Energizing Exercises
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This is one of the few energizing exercises that can be performed by anyone, including beginners. Bicycle crunches mostly work on the abdominal region. It also works on your obliques. Additionally, this workout can be performed anywhere. You simply need some free space.

This exercise enhances your general well-being. It also helps maintain proper body posture. Here is a step by step guideline on how to perform bicycle crunches.

  • Lay flat with your lower back on the floor. A mat or flat surface is recommended when performing with workout routine. Your hands should rest behind your head and your feet on the floor.
  • Stabilize your spine by drawing in your abdomen. You should also contract your core muscles.
  • Raise your knees upwards so that your feet get suspended from the floor. Your knees should be roughly 90 degrees.
  • Start directing your legs in a bicycle peddling motion.
  • Repeat this procedure until you get exhausted.

Superman Exercise

Energizing Exercises
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Lastly, we have the superman exercise. This exercise routine aims at strengthening your back and your abdominal region. Beginners are encouraged to try out this workout routine because of its simplicity. This hairstyle got its name from lifting both your legs and arms off the ground. Engage yourself warm up before engaging on this workout plan. Warm up also reduces the possibility of aggravating injuries while working out.

  • Proceed and down on a mat with your stomach. You can use a flat surface if you don’t have a mat.
  • Move on and overstretch your arms.
  • Ensure your arms and hands at large are kept straight.
  • Raise both your legs and hands off the ground.
  • Hold still for a few seconds before repeating the entire process again.

Try out any of the above exercise routines and be energized throughout the day.

Energizing Exercises