Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

Are you confused on tips on how to attain your desired body shape? This is normal as there are numerous exercise routines to choose from. Each routine exhibits different results. Worry not; any workout regimen can be tailored to meet your taste and preferences. There are a couple of things worth analyzing before commencing any workout routine: They include.

  • The duration of time that you plan on spending to get fit.
  • Your age.
  • What is your daily diet?
  • Your ultimate fitness goals.
  • Lifestyle preferences.
  • Your fitness experience level.
  • Your current body condition

These factors play a vital role on the workout routines you will choose. Some people find it easy to directly pick out some workout routines that suit them, whereas others depend on the advice from the fitness coaches. Below, we highlight some marvelous physical exercises worth considering in an effort to keep fit and attain your desired body shape.


Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

The world of yoga revolves around a series of exercises that harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. The routines involved in yoga such as stretching, bending and twisting, are great for all ages and can actually help to strengthen and increase muscle flexibility. This exercise mainly focuses on posing and traces its origins in India. Some of the benefits of yoga exercises include:

  • Contributing to an increase in body metabolic rate. This, in turn, helps to trim the body and put your body weight in check.
  • Yoga can help you attain better sleep patterns. In addition to these, this workout routine helps you relax your mind thus leading to a calmly night with sound sleep.


Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

For those who would like a full body work out, squats come in handy. Squatting exercises assist in building muscles in your upper and lower body. The building up of strength, especially in your leg muscles, will in the long run provide you with balance and the maintenance of body mobility.

Additionally, doing the squat will be useful in toning and tightening your abs and backside as well as burning calories along the way.


Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

This is another sure way of making the body to attain fitness. Swimming, when done regularly, can be a fun way of burning that extra fat. Butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke as some of the swimming styles that ensure the whole length of your figure is thoroughly exercised.

On the other hand, if you are not so good in swimming you need not worry. Even treading in water can also lend a hand in toning your physique.


Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

Taking a stroll in your house or outside your home is a sure simple and easy method of delivering fitness to your body. Walking, even for about ten minutes a day, can keep your cholesterol levels reduced and generally improve your outlook in life. Moreover, trekking will be useful in reinforcing your leg muscles as well as improving your cardio endurance.

Tai chi

Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

If you would like to have a feel of martial arts, then tai chi is the exercise to engage. This workout, which has its origins in the Chinese culture, involves slow-moving fluid body movements while taking deep breaths that has been known to reduce anxiety and stress levels. This work out is suitable for older adults as well and might improve their perception or comprehension capabilities.

There are different tai chi styles that you can choose from depending on your fitness goals and level.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Workouts

Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

Physical activities that make your heart beat faster and at the same time you are able to sustain the exercise at hand for longer periods are actually classified under aerobics. These include but not limited to:

  • Dancing
  • Jumping
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling

Conversely, work outs that are more intense that cause you to lose your breath faster while sustaining the activity for a shorter period are termed as anaerobic. Some of anaerobic exercises are listed below:

  • Sprinting
  • Weight lifting

Sometimes, both aerobic and anaerobic work outs can be combined to ensure you reap maximum benefits of trimming the body.


Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

Looking to add something new to your daily or overall fitness schedule? Why not try Pilates? Not a lot of stress is exerted on your body while undertaking Pilates, with the aim being to power up your body core. The wonderful benefit of Pilates is that it engages the entire muscle groups in your torso, helping you achieve greater flexibility and posture.

Kettlebell Workout

Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

A kettlebell is a single-handled cast-iron weight that is shaped like a ball. Different exercises can be done using the kettlebell that engages the whole body.

The workouts involving kettlebells can be used to tone the arms, belly, and leg muscles. Additionally, you get to build your strength and burn fat at the same time.

High Intensity Exercise

Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

This entails using as much of your body energy in a short period, which can be anything from about thirty seconds to five minutes. The end goal here is to burn as much calories as is possible in the shortest time.

Squats jumping and biking are some of the work outs that can give you that fast-paced routine. High-intensity exercises are not for everyone though, especially those with heart problems, making it vital to first consult with your instructor.

Weight Lifting

Exercises to Kick Start Your New Fitness Routine

If you are looking to pack up some muscle mass, then weight lifting should be considered. For this type of exercise, it is necessary to increase the frequency of your training in order to achieve that muscle build up.

Remember the secret towards the success of any workout routine lies behind consistency. Therefore, choose a workout routine that perfectly blends with your schedule. Secondly, choose a workout routine that will deliver your desired results. Feel free to consult a fitness instructor. People exhibit results differently. Some people deliver instant results, whereas others take some times. Understand your body before commencing any working out routine.

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