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Being a mother is one of the greatest joy women get to enjoy at some point in their life. A lot of women gain a lot of weight immediately after giving birth. Belly fat is one of the regions that stretch. Are you determined to regain your old amazing body back? This journey isn’t easy as it sounds. In fact, a lot of mothers give up half way. We have some good news for you. There are a couple of belly fat workout exercises for mothers. These routines have helped numerous mothers regain their old body back. What are you waiting for? Check out these routines.

10 Belly Fat Workout for Moms – Try It and Believe It


Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Burpees is one of the simplest exercises on this list. It is characterized by standing straight in an upright manner. Consequently, there should be some distance between your right and left feet. Slowly lower yourself until your palms touch the ground and should be wide apart. Your palms should be flat when they touch the floor. Get into the push-up position by stretching your legs backwards. Carry out one push up and quickly get back into a squatting position. Quickly jump up to a standing position. This is one countdown. Repeat this procedure for at least ten minutes without diverting away from the above guidelines. You might notice change in your belly after a few weeks after carrying out this procedure.

Mountain Climber

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Start this belly fat workout routine by getting into the push-up position. During this position, your back should be straight. This statement also applies to your legs, neck and butt. During the preparation process, you should tighten both your butt and core. Proceed and lift the right leg from the ground towards the chest. Commence and touch the ground with your right leg before lifting it up again. Carry out this procedure for ten minutes before changing your leg. Ensure your butt, back and neck is always on a straight line. Be consistent with mountain climber exercise and you will attain your results within a short period.

Lift and Twist Crunch

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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You need a mat to efficiently carry out this belly fat workout routine for mothers. Lay down on the mat with your back on the floor. Afterwards, the upper body should be twisted on one side. During this period, your head should be lifted high. Place your elbows on their opposite knees. That is your left elbow should touch the right knee and the right elbow on the left knee. Take in a couple of breathes before starting all over again. Carry on this procedure and on each alternate side and leg. You are encouraged to carry out this procedure for roughly ten minutes.


Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Plank is one of the most effective belly fat workout exercise to help women shed off belly fat. The entire process starts by getting into the pushup position. This position is characterized by both feet and palms touching the floor. The other part of the body should be suspended in the air. Slightly lower your elbows to be almost perpendicular with your shoulders. During this time, you should tighten both your butt and core. This helps attain a neutral spine. Each plank set should be roughly thirty seconds. Carry out plank exercise fifteen minutes every time you workout.

Scissor Kicks

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Scissor kicks is characterized by laying down on you back. Move on and put your hands beneath your butt. Always put your back straight on the floor. This posture is what shifts your attention on your belly, making it easy to burn all the fat. Commence and raise the left leg from the floor. Hold still for a few seconds before swiftly lowering it. Without changing your posture, raise the right leg and hold it still in the air for a few seconds before lowering it. Systematically carry out this procedure for roughly ten minutes or more, depending on your schedule.

Glute Bridge

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Glute Bridge is an easy exercise in that you can carry it out without the need of an instructor. Lay down on the floor with your face facing up. Ensure both your left and right feet lay flat on the floor. Carry on and bend your knees. This shouldn’t disrupt the position of your two feet. Place both arms on your sides. Your palms should face down. Lift off your hips from the ground to enable your shoulders, hips and knees to form a straight line. Don’t forget to squeeze your glutes hard while keep your abs drawn. Hold this position for a while before releasing it.

Kettlebell Swing

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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As the name suggests, hold kettlebell on both the right and left hand. That’s not all; bend on your hip creases while the region between your back to the neck remaining neutral. While maintaining a neutral spine, lift your kettlebell towards you and return them back on your legs. Use both your legs and glutes for directing the kettle back to your chest level. When performing kettlebell swing belly fat workout, ensure your spine doesn’t overextend. Consequently, you shouldn’t use your arms for too much strength. This is the work of the legs. You should use arms for holding kettlebell still. Carry out this procedure until you start feeling fatigue.

One Leg Push Up

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Any mother, regardless of her age and flexibility rate can comfortably conduct this belly fat workout. One leg push up is carried out by getting into the push up position. Push up position entails both your feet and your arms touching the ground. The rest of your body should be suspended into the air. Your hands should be roughly shoulder width apart from each other. Afterwards, raise your right leg and direct it towards your back. All this time, your right leg should be straight. Tighten both your butt and core before perform the one leg push up. Set the number of push-ups you will carry before doing the same on your left leg.

Static Tiger Pose

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Start off by laying both your knees and hands on your mat. Afterwards, raise your right leg up and keep it as straight as possible. At the same time, stretch your left arm straight. Remain on this position for a while until you run out of breath. Swiftly repeat the same procedure on your left leg and right arm. There is no limit on the period you should handle this procedure. It all depends on your desired results. Ensure your spine is in a neutral position to attain maximum results. Be consistent with your workout routine in order to attain your results.

Body Weight Squat

Belly Fat Workout for Moms
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Body weight squat should be carried out when your hips are some distance apart. Consequently, your toes should all point out. Systematically squat downwards while pressing your entire body weight down on your heels. Afterwards, get back to the starting position. This belly fat workout for moms should also be carried out when your core is tight, your butt squeezed and a straight back.

Don’t buy any product claiming to help burn off your belly fat within a short period. Instead, try out the above belly fat workout for moms. You will attain your desired results, provided you properly execute them and be consistent.

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