Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout

Are you dissatisfied by the general outlook of both your legs and butts? Worry not; you no longer have to stay like that for a long period. Here, we present you with effective and proven tips to help you attain your desired legs and butt. Simply go through the entire list before making any decision. These workout routines vary in terms of movements and their intensity. Eating a healthy diet while conducting an exercise can enhance the rate in which you attain your desired results. In addition to these, you should be consistent with your selected routine. Let us look at various legs and butt workout routines worth trying out.

8 Best Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout


Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout
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Squats are one of the numerous techniques that can change the outlook of both your butt and legs. You need to carry out this technique well or you risk injuries on your knees. Anyone can master this routine exercise as it can be performed without the help of an instructor. Additionally, it can be performed on any location as you don’t need any equipment. Start off by warming up before carrying out this exercise. Warm up prevents any injuries from aggravating. Warm up shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Stand straight with your feet distant apart from each other. Ensure your back is straight before bending your hips, knees and ankles up to roughly 90 degrees. Slowly get back to the starting position and start all over again for ten to fifteen minutes.

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout

Don’t look any further if you want a pretty straightforward exercise. Simply consider stiff legged deadlifts. You will need weights to properly execute this workout routine. Don’t lift any heavy weight you don’t have experience with. This might result into serious injuries. Stand in a straight position with your feet some distance apart. This gives you enough balance to lift your selected weight. It also holds still your knees, making them difficult to bend. As a result, all the efforts will be directed towards your hamstrings and hips. Place your weight in front of your feet so that it doesn’t disrupt your body posture.

Dumbbell Walking Lunges

Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout
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Carrying out dumbbell walking lunges exercise starts off by standing straight with your feet some distance apart from each other. As the name suggests, you need to hold dumbbells with both the right and left hand. Afterwards, direct your feet facing downwards. Commence and move forward with your left leg. During this period, lower your hips by flexing your knees. Lower yourself even further until your knees almost touch the ground. Don’t change the position of your body while carrying out dumbbell walking lunges. Ensure your left leg doesn’t extend past your toes failure to which you will stress your knees. Repeat the same procedure with your right legs. Repeat this routine for fifteen minutes for it to be effective.

Leg Press

Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout
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This is one of the few legs and butt workout exercise that requires a special machine. Inquire if your selected gym has a machine for leg press. You simply need to get yourself in a sitting position. Sit on the machine with your tailbone and back, lying on the backrest. Moving on, you should place both your right and left feet on their respective resistance plate. During this time, your toes should be pointing towards the front. Feel free to bend your seat, so that your knees get in a 90 degree angle. Hold all handles to get started with your workout routine. Commence and push the resistance plate from your body. Your heels should be flat to prevent any movement. Pause for a few seconds before lowering yourself. Repeat this procedure for a few minutes.

Step Ups

Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout
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You need either chair, bench or a step to perform step ups routine. It would be practically impossible to attain results without any of the above items. Step ups exercise states that one of your legs should be up. This makes your knees bend at an elevation of 90 degrees. Do some warm ups before starting any exercise. This prevents any form of injuries from aggravating while exercising. Start off by working out your left foot. Press the selected item with your left foot heels. Your right leg should gently bend while performing this routine. Consequently, you should stand straight with your left leg flat on the ground. Go back to the starting position and repeat the same procedure for roughly fifteen minutes before going back to the starting position. Repeat the same procedure on your right leg.

Leg Extensions

Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout

Leg extension is one of the few exercises on this list that will give you your desired results on both your butts and legs within a short period. You will need a leg extension machine to efficiently perform this workout routine. Leg extensions workout also requires you to choose weight are comfortable lifting. Carry on and rest on the leg extensions machine. Ensure both your right and left legs are placed on the pad. Both your hands should hold side bars. Systematically extend your legs using quadriceps on your legs. Don’t move your body as you carry out this move. Let it remain constant so that you can attain your desired results. Hold your position still for a few seconds before starting to your original position.

Leg Curls

Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout
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There are different kinds of leg curls routines you can conduct. Here, we are focusing solely on lying leg curls. Adjust the machine you will be using so that both your torso and thighs are comfortable. Furthermore, the lever should rest immediately below your calf muscles. Your legs should be straight before holding the handles with both hands. Move on and curl both your lower legs. Hold still for a while before slowly getting back to the starting position. Try your best and keep the movements as smooth as possible.

Standing Calf Raises

Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout

You need a leg press machine to perform this standing calf raise exercise routine. Ensure both your shoulders rest underneath the pads. Straighten your legs so that you can easily light the weight. Lower your feet down so that your heels hang. While maintaining your legs straight, carry on and raise your tiptoes high. Lower yourself downwards and repeat the same procedure for a few minutes.

These workouts can do magic on both your butt and legs. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these exercises today.

Best Exercises for Legs and Butt Workout